Goodbye Mautic: Huge Discrepancy & Terribly Inaccurate Page Hit Tracking

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    Ok, you know... I love Mautic. I hate it too!

    I love it because the UI is great and the software is powerful, well at least it looks powerful...

    That is until you find all the things that aren't working. And then there is this new release with new features, but where are the bug fixes?

    Yes Mautic has many great features, and many of them don't work. So then what's the point of adding new features? Just to create more things that don't work?

    Shouldn't the Devs be focused more on making Existing functionality work?

    Now don't get me wrong, I hugely appreciate this open source project. But you leave me with no choice but to abandon Mautic for now, because I just can't rely on it to do the things I configure it to do properly.

    The thing that broke the straw for me is the terribly inaccurate page hit tracking. I compared it with multiple other tracking software data points, and all of them point clearly towards Mautic missing a huge portion of page hits that my contacts made.

    Because of this I can't even make double opt-in work, because that relies on page hit tracking in Mautic, see:

    So for now it's goodbye Mautic. I hope to use it again, someday in the future, after the bugs have been squatted.

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    I second that.
    They keep adding new "features" while fundamental and essential ones either don't work or exist. For example, I can't believe mautic doesn't even have a proper double opt-in built in. Scheduled send? it might or might not work, even if you managed to figure out how to set it up, cause there is no proper documentation.
    Trying to figure out exactly which emails sent, bounced or not delivered and for what reason? Good luck. Other than a few high level numbers, there are no details to drive down to.
    And talk about those new "features", while they may sound cool, hardly anyone really use it or need it, IF they work properly to begin with.

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    Wow what a complainer.............

    BUT I have the same EXACT complaint! And I feel the same way. And I am discouraged by the same problems and apparent lack of interest in fixing things :-(

    Last year I made a few videos on Mautic that I put on YouTube, but every time I say to myself that I want to make some more updated videos, more in depth videos, I can't because I know the flaws. I just can't bring myself to do it because I am not happy with it myself right now.

    For me it is boiling down to contacts created via the API end up with no page hit tracking, so essentially no tracking at all.
    There are also problems with adding tags via the API to existing contacts, well that causes data loss.

    These are show stoppers.

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    @Adam Wow what a complainer.............

    I'm not a complainer, I'm just vocal about my experience.

    See my comment in the Quora topic: What is your experience with using Mautic?

    As you can see there, my initial experience with Mautic was very positive, and I voiced my feelings about just that there.

    That was one week ago.

    But now I feel as if a friend offered me to drive a Ferrari, and I thought to myself: Cool, that's awesome, let's take a drive! And then as I step in and familiarize myself with the car I find out all sorts of things are broken, like it has 3 flat tires and the gear box doesn't work. And then my friend is looking at me and smiling, as if he's thinking, why are you not hitting the gas?

    Well obviously I would love to hit the gas, but probably not much good is going to happen when I do that.

    Then as we exit the car my friend takes out his toolbox and starts building a spoiler for his Ferrari, instead of fixing the gearbox and the flat tires.

    I may be harsh in my words, but they are my uncensored and honest experience and thoughts. Like I said before "I hugely appreciate this open source project", but I think the lack of attention to bugs puts a damper on this whole project, and I hope this will be straightened out at some point in the future.

  5. @Paul999 I'm not a complainer, I'm just vocal about my experience.

    See my comment in the Quora topic: What is your experience with using Mautic?

    Lost in translation?? I was being sarcastic, not calling you a complainer. I was saying that I feel the same EXACT way!

    Let me clarify, I was making a point that I feel the same exact way as you do. I agree 1000000% with your post.

  6. Oh ok, yeah lost in translation I guess :)

    Yeah, the reason why I posted this is because I hope someone will take notice and change the course of Mautic for the better as it relates to bug squatting.

    In my opinion feature development should just plainly be halted and all effort should go to squatting all those bugs out, because no one benefits from a Ferrari with 3 flat tires and a broken gearbox. Then it makes more sense to just drive a plain old Cadillac instead.

  7. Part of the problem is there is limited community interaction. The most successful companies are the ones where there is interaction and communication. I promote many companies and products where I can get right to the lead developers, the owners, and there is a genuine interest in listening. Or some communication back as to what the hold up is. I am sure if it was to be communicated to you that the problems you are having are a priority and will get worked on for the next release, I am sure you would stick around.

    Now I know this is open source, but I wish there could be some revenue model if that is the holdup. Or some bounty system. I just want this to work and will have no problem kicking in $$$. Heck some on this board can attest that I have sent them money via PayPal just for helping me.

  8. To be fair, here is the list of bug fixes

  9. Same story, I want to implement Mautic in my pages BUT... Tracking problems on my test installation as mention @Paul999. Something strange for me in those times (compared to other system): why we haven't proper double opt-in built in? It's really natural way to get new prospect and I really don't understand why I must use some hack to make it work. I use software to automate my work and make it easy. - not to add work.
    Proper users tracking, full implementation Amazon SES or other system to bulk send email, easy set double opt-in - i think - should be a priority in that kind of software.
    Send text message - great, but AFTER sending mail, get bounces works great.
    If core functionality will work's great THEN implement new feature.
    We have now reverse way and - not only me as we see - we (users) have doubts to use Mautic in production.

    I see few voices about that in this topic - but how many people are thinking same way and they don't write about?

    I think - implement new feature it's kind of a challenge maybe not so exciting as fix bugs.

    Making work core feature in my opinion it's critical to some users to implement Mautic in production (including me ;-) ).

    BTW - Mautic it's a great software. Especially it's open source. Big thanks for all developers.
    Will be great to know how core developers thinking about future of Mautic.
    Should we test another version counting on changes which are important for us or just use other software and maybe after year check it's something changes?

    Sorry for my english - if I write something unclear - please ask.

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    @Adam I am sure if it was to be communicated to you that the problems you are having are a priority and will get worked on for the next release, I am sure you would stick around.

    Yes exactly, if that would be the case I'd definitely stick around. But unfortunately that's not the case. I've reported many bugs in the Mautic Issue Gihub and only a handful of them seem to receive any attention. And even then, mostly workarounds are suggested, and no actual commitments to fix them are being made. Only one so far has been acknowledged and labeled as an actual bug.

    I understand that there may be a lack of resources, but knowing at least that devs are listening and taking note would be very helpful. But the focus on adding features over fixing the many bugs currently in the system suggests to me there is not much of that going on, unfortunately.

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    @magician If core functionality will work's great THEN implement new feature.

    @magician we (users) have doubts to use Mautic in production

    Yes that's exactly it. Without solid core functionality there will be no large scale adoption of Mautic, and it will struggle to grow in my opinion. Because yes, Mautic looks great on the outside, but once you dive in you just encounter all sorts of problems which make it unfeasible for any serious production environment.

    Fix the core problems on the other hand and I see people flocking to Mautic in a massive way.

  12. Edited 9 months ago by imautic

    It seems that Team Mautic is focusing on items that will look good on a pitch deck, hence many "features". Real life user experience does not seem to be a top priority. That is the wrong approach, in my opinion; cause without solid core functionalities and a good user experience, mautic won't gain serious user growth, which is what investors look for.

  13. Just want to add that I'm glad to see people writing about concerns in a level-headed manner, because I feel the same way. I think Mautic has tremendous potential! But adding to what @imautic said, it seems like the "real life user experience" just isn't good enough yet to make Mautic a viable option for "regular" marketers (the likely growth engine).

    For example, I think the new Marketing Messages feature in 2.6 is pretty neat, and perhaps even ahead of its time! But yet in Slack and on these forums, the same issues with things like cron jobs and setting up a double opt-in come up again and again.

    I'm not using Mautic in any serious production environment right now, and do not recommend it to my clients over other platforms like ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, etc. That said, I think eventually things will get straightened out, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Mautic evolves.

  14. Sooooo true….
    I love the idea of Mautic. Was impressed by the workflow designer and accepted the bugs in 1.x. Then the update to 2.x became a days long nightmare: The installation- and backup-process of Mautic is by far not mature enough.

    Need to disagree with the complaints on the Double Opt-In: This is easy to be made with a Campaign. Even better than with lots of other tools, because it allows you to send a second remember mail after 2 days or so.

    But the core is not stabile. Error 500 happens regularly. Better klick "save" every second, it’s like back in the Windows 95 times. Luckily this got a bit better in 2.5.1 but it’s still not reliable.

    Basic functions are insufficient to me. Namely: Send Mail on RSS still doesn’t exist. Sending Newsletters-Mails work a bit better since 2.4 (I think) but ONLY if you are able to master the cron-stuff. And even then: IF you want to use the fancy Points-Feature, you need to waste tons of time creating one campaign per Newsletter.

    Next thing: Campaigns. Very nice idea. But (to me) un-understandable behavior: Create a campaign at 1st of the months to send a mail to all members of Segment A at the 3rd. New people join Segment A at the 2nd and receive no mail. Crap. Why does it take three klicks to get to the C-Editor? Why does the overview say “Mails send”, when the mails will be send in the future?

    There was this sentence, that 2.6 included some corrections. Instead it fucked up the conditions in the campaigns. At least the way back to 2.5.1 works.

    I hate to be forced now to invest time (again) to find a working solution. This looks to me being on the complete wrong track: I don’t get any of the fancy new features, but the core remains instable. This doesn’t work.

    sad OLAF

  15. @olafdammann it’s like back in the Windows 95 times.

    Yeah, I was talking to other people about my experience with Mautic and I compared it to Windows 95 also :). Just everything breaking left and right, it's like a monster that you need to learn to handle and gain control over. Once you finally do it's somewhat powerful, but of course still far from ideal, because one miss step and you're in trouble again. And it's usually just a matter of time before that happens.

  16. @Paul999 Hey Paul what free alternative do we have ? i'm on a fresh install and already seeing some bug

  17. @Tiger MailerLite is a good free, but still relatively powerful alternative. Active Campaign is the most powerful alternative, but more pricey. And SendInBlue is good when you have a big list but don't send campaigns very often (you pay by emails sent, not by subscriber count).

  18. I prefer Drip over Active Campaign :)

  19. @Paul999 Thanks for your answer, i didn't know MailerLite, looks interesting. What about Sendy or Mailwizz ?

  20. Maybe just open new topic with possible alternatives?

    And maybe some of core developers say some words about direction of Mautic watching on what people say in this topic?

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