Make contact to go through a campaign twice (as new).

  1. 11 months ago

    I have a simple campaign optin form on a landing page.

    At some point in my workflow the contact may get removed from the campaign. However if the contact wants to optin again (same form) and go through the campaign workflow (again) nothing happens. The contact is added to the campaign again but the emails and rules don't run as the first time.

    Is there a way to "reset or refresh" the contact when he returns to the campaign in order to go through it as he was new?

    Thanks for such a great automation tool guys!

  2. 2 months ago

    I have been attempting to get something similar to this working with no success. Consider the following case
    (I have followed the opt-in instructions and they work fine - up to a point)

    1. visitor to site submits email address
    2. opt-in email sent

    if user were to click the link - the opt-in works and everything is fine - however - they don't do that

    1. visitor never clicks opt-in-link in email from #2 so stays in unconfirmed segment (so far so good)
    2. 10 minutes (or a month, or a year) later visitor revisits site and resubmits email address - this time they go looking for the opt-in email to complete the optin process
    3. they are not yet opted in - but the system will not send them another opt in email - in fact there does not appear to be any possible (automated) way to get them a new opt-in email so they have to forever leave = lost prospect.

    I have tested the 10 min case - obviously the longer case is more difficult to test. if mautic has a duplicate email cleaning function what is its window? and can it be turned off?

    I can code a solution to the problem in php - but before I do - I thought I should make sure I am not missing something obvious. Please tell me I have missed something?

  3. 4 weeks ago

    Yeah, this sucks!


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