Fullcontact Pluign don´t Callback

  1. 3 months ago

    Hi guys

    I have installed ths Clearbit and the Fullcontact plugin.

    The clear bit, are working fine, but the Fullcontact theres any problem...

    When I try send the leads for fullcontact this work well, on the fullcontact dashborad I can see the total os contacts, and it mach the contects, but this information dont come back to Mautic. And the leads contac don´t recive the updates.

    Theres any bug on the callback from Fullcontact? Or I need to be this manually?

    Thanks for all awshers.

  2. Same problem here. FullContact give 200 code (correct, data found), But no data becomes available in Mautic.

    Did anybody test this before putting live? Must have so why does it not work?

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  4. 2 months ago

    I have the same problem with fullContact and Clearbit. Neither return any data??? Anybody have this working?

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  6. 7 weeks ago

    @Rich working

    Clearbet returns...
    When you set the API at clearbit site you need to add the callback url that Mautic gives you.
    Full Contact still not working for me

  7. @Luisfm Yes I use that. As a matter of fact when I place the callback URI in the browser it returns "ERROR"

  8. 5 weeks ago

    @Rich I am having a similar problem - i have managed to get clearbit to return some data to the contact form but if i got to that contact and click save i get an error 500. are you having the same problem? i to get an ERROR if i go to the callback url.

    Did you have any luck solving the problem?

  9. 4 weeks ago

    @rogerwilks I am still unable to get any daya sent back from clearbit to populate. I do not get error messages...I get NOTHING. hard to fix these...

  10. If anyone is still struggling to get full contact to work, I managed to get it to work by altering plugins/MauticFullContactBundle/Controller/PublicController.php

    and changing line 49 from:
    $result = $this->request->request->get('result', []);

    $result = json_decode($this->request->request->get('result', []), TRUE);

    Seems the result was a string rather than an array, once i converted it, it all seems fine. Looking forward to extending this to make use of some of FullContacts other details...

  11. Edited 4 weeks ago by MxyzptlkFishStix

    @GingerBeard I can confirm that it works. Can you make a PR for it here ?


  12. 3 weeks ago

    Woot! Thanks for the fix, working for me.


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