Opensource CRM Inside Mautic or integration

  1. last year

    Odoo is an open source CRM, it would be fantastic integrate with Mautic or inside.


  2. An Odoo integration similar to Zoho would be awesome! It's the missing feature for me to switch to Mautic at this point.

  3. Well I'd like to see it work with EspoCRM. The Zap update would fix all of this.

  4. 5 months ago

    I've recently started working on extending Mautic's CRM plugin to work with Odoo, but I've been running into difficulties due to trouble understanding the program flow. For example, simply adding the files as I've done here https://github.com/EdwinAldridgeAxolDev/mautic causes Mautic to fail due to calling the dispatch function form AbstractIntegration with a null value, and I can't figure out why. I could probably get this finished with a little advice on the ins and outs of Mautic


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