Auto Assign Contact "Owner" Programatically

  1. last year

    Please provide a simple way to update a contacts owner by any number of options. Through specific campaign triggers, embedded into forms (maybe as a hidden field). In general, the idea is to have a way to automatically set the owner ID before an email is sent preventing sending emails with the default admin email before an owner can be assigned. Changing a contacts owner is currently a manual process.

    Also: understandably more complex but allowing the contact to have multiple owners depending on the condition. The reason for this comes about because I run several web properties. A for profit http://iaddicshelters.net and a non-profit http://sheltertheworld.org . Many of the for profit contacts visit and register on the non-profit site.

    Everything in the campaign and segmenting works great, however; the contact will get the emails from whichever single owner is set.

    So, if the owner id for a for-profit contact is set as the for-profit owner, and a campaign is set to go to a non-profit contacts segment which the contact is in, the contact will get picked up in the campaign and sent the email from the non-profit campaign with the for-profit owners email address.

    Thank you, Rich

  2. 8 months ago

    Any updates on this? Would be awesome if this was an action (to assign owner) in the campaign builder pr if the creator of the form was the owner (and therefore the person in the "from" field of subsequently sent emails)


  3. We are looking for a solution to this as well. It seems like there would have to be someway to programmatically assign leads to different users. Is that not the point of marketing automation? What am I failing to see? Is contact ownership not the way to go?

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    Under the `ma_companies` table is an 'owner_id' field, which you can adjust with a simple SQL query.

  5. 4 months ago

    It would be great if a feature can allow this.

  6. 6 weeks ago
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