Wistia/video tracking integration

  1. last year

    Hello all! I'm pretty new still to Mautic as well as being involved in open sourced software project. I also personally know little to no programming (though always interested in learning).

    My idea/question was around an integration with Wistia , a professional video hosting platform that tracks viewers by IP address, how long they watch, if they rewatch certain sections, as well as providing email gates. Very data rich. They recently built integrations with hubspot and salesforce so all viewer data can be pulled in and attached to leads.

    What are the steps to build an integration? To be quite honest, I would love this integration so much I'd pay someone (a developer?) to build it if I knew how/where to start.


  2. Hi heyferguson,

    The dev docs are at https://developer.mautic.org/#plugins - a Wistia integration would be awesome! If you're serious - I probably know a few devs who could do the work...

  3. can't you create such a connection using zapier?

  4. I'd like this for Vimeo. I need to know how much of my video sales letters and course videos have been watched. Is this currently possible?

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  6. Hi!

    Is there any updates on this thread about the Wistia Integration?

  7. Any?

  8. 8 months ago

    Hi there - I would love to hear if there are any updates on the Wistia integration?

    I have used Wistia for business video hosting for years now. Great tool and provide incredible insights for marketers and small businesses.

    Any update would be awesome - thanks!


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