1.0.0 Released!

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    10 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Presenting Mautic 1.0! This is a monumental day for Mautic. It has been a journey to get to this point and we are so excited about the journey ahead of us as the community takes Mautic and refines it into one amazing piece of software (well even more amazing than what it already is :-). Thank you community for all of your support, feedback, and contributions to get us to this day. We look forward to continuing to work together to build some rocking open source marketing software.

    Upgrading to 1.0.0

    As always, we highly recommend that you backup your database prior to upgrading.

    If you are currently logged in, log out then back in as an administrator and you should see the update available message in the notifications window that will look something like:

    Click Update Now and follow the prompts.

    If you do not see an update notice available not matter what you do or if you happen to hit an error downloading the package, replace app/bundles/CoreBundle/Helper/UpdateHelper.php with this file then try again. After you upgrade, this will no longer be an issue.

    After updating, it's always a good idea to clear your browsers cache to ensure cached JS and CSS files are not used.

    If you have any other problems with the process, post your issues here or at http://mau.tc/report-issue and we'll do our best to get them quickly resolved. Please provide as much detail as possible. Note that Mautic usually logs its errors to app/logs/mautic_prod.php. If you see an "uh oh" message, that log is the place to get details about what caused it.

    Thanks and Happy Marketing!

    The Mautic Team

  2. @alanhartless Love your progress here. Should I ftp the new version and ssh the same commands you gave me last time?

  3. alanhartless

    10 Mar 2015 Administrator

    Hi Anthony!

    Did you get your install back to a tagged release? If so, I recommend replacing the file above (again if you did it already as it includes updates) then updating through the UI. If you have a non-tagged release, but haven't made any database schema changes, then upgrading through the UI should be ok as well. I'd recommend that you create a back up of your Mautic directory that you can quickly restore in case something goes wrong again in order to preserve your twitter links.


  4. Congrats. I will log an issue on the GIT as I am having an issue with the Database updates. Just sits in a processing state.

  5. Well, I hit refresh and it says I am on the latest version. Maybe just an ajax response issue? Any way to check the db just to make sure?

  6. @alanhartless Sadly because I'm using Centos 6.5 as my VPS I can't update from inside Mauitc(besides the fact that Mautic pages aren't showing up anyway) due to the out dated Curl. Will write the files over and do the commands. Currently my Mautic link is dead in the water anyway so I have nothing to lose.

  7. alanhartless

    10 Mar 2015 Administrator

    @solacetech, We actually made a change to the UpdateHelper.php file which should allow your server to now communicate with our update server. Give it a shot if you haven't already!

    Otherwise, you could try a manual install.


  8. worked beautifully without a hitch from RC4 to stable 1.0.1 as long as I logged out first, then logged back in to upgrade - without doing the logout / login process, the upgrade just doesn't work. Shows that reading the instructions helps ;)

  9. It´s a great news, Congrats for the team :)

  10. You are doing an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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