Connect 2 decisions to one action

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    Hi guys!
    I'm having some trouble with the campaign workflow..
    my goal is to send 1 email to a contact and if he open the email I send to Him the email number 2. But if he doesnt open the email number 1 he doesn't receive email number 2, he will receive email number 1-2.
    Now if He opens the email numerber 1-2 I want to send Him the email number 2.

    What i want is to connect the decision open email number 1 and open email number 1-2 to the action send email number 2
    The problem is that i cant connect 2 "decisions" to 1 "action [send email]".


    So.. any sugestions?

  2. escopecz

    10 Jan 2016 Administrator

    It is not possible for now. You can create a new campaign and move the leads there. It saves some repeating campaign events.

  3. Gosh, that is a functionality that I would love to see! @escopecz, just so as we know, is this function on the product roadmap?

  4. escopecz

    22 Mar 2016 Administrator

    @anderpalma I haven't heard anyone saying that he's working on it yet :/

  5. I really need something like that too. :(

  6. I'm looking for this option too.

    How about, instead of having to add additional branches to the campaign tree (which becomes cumbersome and breaks the campaign builder), add a "recurring send" option feature within the "Open Email" action. Give a standard two 'resend' options.

    1. If 'this' email isn't opened (time period) resend 'this' (time period). << first resend of email
    2. If 'this' email isn't opened (time period) resend 'this' (time period). << second resend of email
    3. If 'this' email isn't opened (time period) move contact to (segment). << third action after no email was opened.
  7. @lwdeddie I wouldn't send the same email repeatedly.. Some email clients block the tracking of email opens, which will result in sending the user the same email several times. This will only irritate the prospects you are wanting to build trust with.

    As for connecting multiple decisions with one action, YES this would be of great value.

  8. 11 months ago

    +1 This would be great! I just had to set up a 12-step drip using 12 separate campaigns as a workaround.

  9. 2 months ago

    Love to see this function, multiple desicion connect to one action, it will save a lot of time <3

  10. Yep that would be really good to have!

  11. And the ability to connect condition with condition like this!

    Without this function, I need to create thousand of action boxes, and hundreds of campaign to achieve my goal here:


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