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  1. last year

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to set up social Media integration to Mautic 1.2.3.
    In plugin, I set up the integration to Facebook, Google +, Instagram, LinkedIn and twitter. All seems to work and was authorized.

    Then I add as a lead a friend of mine who are on all those social network and who is active, i go to her lead "dashboard" where i can see all her activity and go to the social tab. It show me a text "click here to find social media profil...". I click on it and.. nothing happen. On the top of mautic i have a small loading bar working as always but just for 2 second and nothing happen. I'm not able to find her social profile.

    i tried with other lead and it's the same. Is it normal? Do I missed something?

    I checked on the forum and saw other people have the same problem but don't find any solution. Is it working?


  2. Ok, need to precise, I host Mautic on my own server, maybe something I didn't do with CRON jobs or any other thing?

  3. I tried the steps you did on a lead with social media accounts and getting the same result.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  4. escopecz

    7 Jan 2016 Administrator

    The social networks have restricted access to its user data since the plugins were written. Almost none of the social network allows to find a user by email address via API. So you have to know his/hers username in every social network. We are trying to find a better solution. If you guys know about something, let us know.

  5. A better solution might be integrating tools like , giving you all sorts of information using just an email ?

  6. Clearbit looks great. I'll check it.


  7. clearbit is pretty sweet, working on a plugin will post on github when I find a path to daylight.

  8. @stoph8ting87 update us upon its success. Highly appreciated

  9. I actually opted to build a method on zapier. For both clearbit and full contact api. Improves lead info after user signs up on wordpress site.

    On mobile now, will post how i did later on

  10. Was this ever posted? Will write my own script unless it's been done already!

  11. 10 months ago

    @foodpioneer did you ever find success with clearbit or fullcontact? I've been trying to get MAUTIC to update. Seems I can send a request to clearbit and/or fullcontact but neiter send any data back...or they send it but mautic doesn't retain it/write it to the contact. Any thoughts?

  12. @Rich same here. nothing happened since the request with fullcontact.

  13. @leyva I can not believe we are the only ones with this problem. It looks like it has been an issue for a while be everyone seems to be "radio silent". Do you have any ideas about troubleshooting this?


  14. @rich
    Good evening .... really this seems to me an old problem and that should not be solved so soon ..... by my experience, only with twitter that the maltic works only with monitoring ........ With facebook I still can not make it work and I do not even know of someone else who has achieved .....

  15. @Carlos BR - As it stands, facebook can not be integrated because of restrictions Facebook has imposed. Google has always had a pretty closed system.

    So, a fantastic alternative is to use a service like clearbit or fullcontact to harvest social and profile information. Then through the plugins you can receive the collected information and update a contact or business with all kinds of profile information.

    Our problem right now is that I can not get clearbit nor fullcontact to pass any information to Mautic. For example: I can see in the fullcontact application that requests are being received because the usage counter increment up whenever I initiate a search.

    Here is an instruction page for fullcontact. Link


    As I have been continuing to try to figure out what is happening, there is a notice that says the callback url ( ) needs to be publicly accessible. My directy attributes are set to 757 and should be accessable. HOWEVER; CHROME SAYS The page isn’t working redirected you too many times.
    Try clearing your cookies.

    Clearing cookies and caches did not work. Any ideas on how to fix this?

  16. I think I am inching myself closer to a solution. I eliminated the redirect loops by placing .htaccess files in the directory. However, that did not seem to enable the social media information to be updated for a contact. So I have now enabled both fullcontact and Clearbit. Both have API's enabled. Clearbit has the callback url entered into its configuration (Fullcontact's must be hard coded!). Callback directories created and publicly accessible. Both Clearbit and Fullcontact register the request and is verified through their respective dashboards.

    But still no social media updates for a contact. And no support!

  17. I tested Clearbit and it works for me. I tried FullContact and saw it's bot hit the URL, but received nothing on my end.


  18. Edited 10 months ago by Rich

    @MxyzptlkFishStix This is where life gets difficult. I am yet to get Clearbit or Fullcontact to work. The closest I have come was to identify a 404 response from clearbit. The response is for transmitting the results (not looking them up). Like this:


    Request headers

    Request params

    "body": {
    "id": "fbf136f8-020f-4164-ab24-8bca901f60fd",
    "name": {
    "fullName": "Stexxxxn Nxxxa", [name has been masked]
    "givenName": "Stxxxxn",
    "familyName": "Nxxxxxxa"
    "email": "",
    "gender": "xxmale",
    "location": null,


    Response body

    Failed. Response code = 404. Response message = Not Found. Response Body = <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
    <html xmlns=""><head>

    I see no error messages on my server nor in MAUTIC logs.

    AND the Clearbit CEO offered the following: "Alex MacCaw 3:58 PM, Jan 7th
    @rich_g I’m sorry, I’m NOT [sic] familiar with Mautic, or understand what you mean about writing to the callback directory
    Mautic is not a supported integration
    I would contact their support

    Hense, I am getting nowhere. And interesting nobody from the Mautic developers have chimed in...

    @stoph8ting87 have you made any headway with the plugin? Or can you share how you did the ZAP?

    @dbhurley how do we get some help here? I feel on this one that I've dug deep and haven't made headway. This is such an important aspect of Mautic...would love to see some dedicated focus on cleaning up the whole social media integration. We are just confusing people by leaing things like the facebook plugin in place...

  19. @MxyzptlkFishStix -- can you share with me a couple of items:

    1.) what permissions have you assigned the callback directory? (ultimately I've opened mine full 0777 for testing)
    2.) did you deploy .htaccess in the callback directory? I did an in its parent as well
    3.) If you did deploy ,htaccess, can you share its contents?

    mine is: RewriteEngine On
    Options +Indexes

    4.) did you manually create the callback directory or did the plugin do this for you? I created them manually.

    For some reason Clearbit is not accessing the callback directory and I have no clear shot at knowing why...maybe your responses will shed some light on it.

    Also, thank you in advance I'm not trying to share the frustration just figure out what works...

    Thanks, Rich

  20. 1.) None as Mautic generates it on the fly. World writeable (777) files and directories are bad.
    2.) I'm on Nginx. Nginx doesn't use Apache overrides (.htaccess). I have to add my rewrites in my Nginx config. If I ran Apache, I'd put them there as well, as overrides are a performance killer.
    3.) See #2
    4.) clearbit/callback isn't a real directory. Mautic generates it.

    I did a curl -IL on your host. It appears you're running Nginx. Either that or you have Nginx proxying Apache. Found out exactly what your web configuration is first.

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