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Mautic: Committed to Community Growth

It’s been nearly three years since Mautic’s founder David Hurley sat down and penned the first post on Mautic. Since that time, it’s been a season of tremendous growth and learning as we set...

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My Mautic Summer

I’ve had a pretty great summer. There were so many activities and events I had the opportunity to participate in and I could not be more satisfied with how I spent my time. As...

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Mailing Lists

Mautic mailing lists are a great way to stay in touch with the latest going on. These emails will keep you in the know. Got questions or want to respond to things? Check out...

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Group Chats

Join Mautic Chats on Slack Mautic uses Slack for live chats and welcomes you to join in. Go to to join! Here are the teams currently available: #general This is a general chat...

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Get Involved

There are few things more exciting than getting involved in a community where you can contribute to something bigger than yourself. Mautic is community built and a grown by a team of volunteers around...

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Communication Channels

The Mautic community is a global community which can be found and joined through a number of ways. We have organized the different channels here so you can easily find them and get connected...

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