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The Power of Personal Emails

One of the fundamental beliefs we hold in the Mautic community is the power of personal communication. We believe automated marketing can still be personal. There is a multitude of evidence pointing to the...


Working Weekend

Sometimes working on the weekend is a necessity and not a choice. Sometimes there are just to many things that have to get done and you simply can’t get through them all during a...

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Mautic & Email Marketing: Level One

Email Marketing Made Easy with Mautic Not sure where to get started with something as overwhelming as marketing automation? We’ve got a great suggestion: Don’t jump directly into the deep end. A system as...


Shortcuts Are Awesome

Each week we’re going to try and share a tip related to Mautic you might find helpful! We’ll make them short and sweet and helpful.

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Landing Page Love

Update: Mobile landing pages are an aspect of your marketing automation you simply cannot ignore! Read this follow-up post where we discuss the best practices for creating powerful mobile landing pages. One of the...

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Hands On With Emails & Campaigns

UPDATE: This Hangout is now available to be watched in our archives. Marketing automation can be a difficult process to approach and you may feel a bit overwhelmed when you first begin to use...

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5 Ways You’re Being Taken by Your Marketing Automation Service

Marketing automation is a young and vivacious sector of an immensely beneficial and lucrative industry. Promising enormous growth rates and ROI, marketing automation platforms sell a service that truly works. However, it is not...