Mautic Case Study - Addiko Bank

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Quick facts

Situation: The client wanted to increase their new customer acquisition to grow their personal loans business.

Challenge: The client needed to ensure that the contacts were properly segmented according to bank’s needs, so the email communication could be personalized accordingly, fully automated, and closely monitored.

Solution: Sales Snap (Based on Mautic)

Results: Addiko Bank were quickly set up with some innovative inbound marketing campaigns which reached over 2 million individuals, with some impressive results:
  • Emails experienced a consistently higher read rate above industry averages
  • Measurable increase in calls booked and branch visits resulting in new customer acquisition

The client

Addiko Bank Group is a Balkan regional bank operating in 6 countries within 7 markets, including Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina , Montenegro and Austria. As part of their expansion plans, they needed a marketing strategy and toolset which would allow them to reach new customers interested in taking out a personal loan.


The client had the need to increase its databases and number of cash loans sold through online activation using automated email campaign for promotion of its product, in 6 of its 7 markets.

The increase of the contact database was achieved through a lead magnet campaign consisting of an online quiz. In order to achieve personalized communication and increase the sale of products, contacts participating in the campaign were further segmented and sent customized drip emails from Mautic according to specific dynamics and with different communication depending on the segment they were in. Those who applied for a call from the bank’s contact center were excluded from further drip communication. 

Why Mautic?

Addiko Bank turned to marketing experts Sales Snap to lead the marketing strategy and tool selection for this multinational project. Sales Snap knew that marketing automation with Mautic would be key to delivering the ambitious targets for this project.

Sales Snap chose Mautic because it allowed the users a simple, easy to use interface with the possibility to implement it on-site, which was a requirement for the client.  It also met the need for extensive, complex segmentation that was needed to ensure that the correct communications went to the right customers at the right time.

Mautic would allow Addiko Bank to approximate the value of specific contacts based on their behaviours interacting with the campaign and prioritize accordingly.

Finally, the extensive reporting features allowed Sales Snap to ensure that the client was kept up to date with the latest results from their campaigns.


Working with Sales Snap, Addiko Bank reached over 2 million individuals with over 43,000 participants taking part in the online quiz. The results have been impressive:

  • Read and clickthrough rates were consistently above the industry averages for financial services audiences, indicating a high level of interest in content and services
  • Measurable increase in calls booked and branch visits resulting in new customer acquisition

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