Mautic Invited to OSCON

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED May 29, 2015 · UPDATED May 29, 2015

Mautic loves open source. Seriously...

So when we received notice that we were invited to attend OSCON this year as part of their non-profit, open source pavilion we were incredibly excited.

This event gives our community a great opportunity to share with everyone what Mautic is all about. We can introduce hundreds (thousands) more to the power of open source marketing automation and what we are doing to revolutionize the world.

If you haven't heard about OSCON before, or would like more information you should look at their website. If you think you'll have the time to attend it would be well worth the trip! We'd love to see you, and you will be amazed with what you can learn at an event like this!

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