We're Going to Vegas!

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED April 09, 2015 · UPDATED April 09, 2015

Another week has come and gone and we have even more exciting news to share!

Things are only starting to move faster and we are so incredibly excited for the part that each of you play in our growing community. Growing may even be too simple a word for what Mautic has been doing! Our growth rate is truly exponential.

Here is the latest great milestone: Mautic.com’s creator and Mautic founder, David Hurley has been asked by the enormously popular Collision Conference in Las Vegas to join their elite START program for up-and-coming startups. This is a great honor and one which surprised even us.

Mautic has been noticed as a huge market disruptor and our traction deemed worthy of mention and a place at this conference. Previous START companies include some names you may recognize, such as Uber, Vine, Stripe, Nest, and more! Now, in 2015 Mautic will be represented in this noteworthy group.

If you’re able to attend Collision Conference, the dates are May 5-6, 2015 in downtown Las Vegas and we’d love to see you there!