Double-clicking On Last Week’s Mautic + Acquia News

By Mautic · PUBLISHED May 17, 2019 · UPDATED May 17, 2019

After a big announcement like we had last week, there are always questions and even a degree of uncertainty. Many topics were covered in a Q&A session last week with Drupal founder, Dries Buytaert, and Mautic founder, DB Hurley. But communication is vital to any community, so we wanted to post a follow-up to address some of the questions we’ve heard, and begin sharing a vision for the future of the Mautic community.

Everyone in the Mautic community is aware of the tremendous work Acquia has undertaken for supporting and growing open source awareness, usage, and success. Acquia holds a long and famous history in the web content management space due to their good track record and crucial support for Drupal. Through this experience, we’ve learned to get better at communication, and also learned more about gathering feedback from the community The Mautic community will be able to greatly benefit from this history and could become one of the greatest open source communities of all time.

In the midst of all the excitement it is important to recognize that this does not mean Mautic will be like Drupal in every regard. Instead Acquia will be able to implement a vision for Mautic which can take advantage of all those previous learnings.

Here are a few of the highlights the Mautic community will experience as a result of Acquia’s acquisition.

First, Mautic will have more resources devoted to the development of future versions of the software, including Mautic 3, which we want to re-establish lost momentum. This creates a more secure and stable product with greater commercial and technical opportunity. Those who sell Mautic-related services will be able to continue to offer those same services with greater confidence.

Second, there will be greater involvement and contribution towards big initiatives in the core marketing automation product. This project leadership will continue with DB’s guidance and be amplified through the support of Acquia. Of course the Mautic community volunteers will play a vitally important part in growing the Mautic project.

Third, we will establish communication channels for more regular information-sharing with and across the community. Some of these programs will be in written form, some may be in video, and some could be interactive such as live webinars or Q&A town hall sessions. Regardless of the medium, going forward, our goal will be to communicate more regularly and with more detail.

Fourth, Acquia has a long track record supporting the Drupal community in its local meetups, larger events and other community operations around the world. They will be able to bring this valuable expertise to Mautic and supercharge these community-driven programs.

Lastly, under Acquia’s ownership of the trademark, the domain and the website will all be maintained, supported, and improved to serve the strongest, most revolutionary open source marketing automation platform in the world.