Announcing A Mautic & Bitnami Partnership

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED September 29, 2015 · UPDATED March 13, 2020

There are some partnerships which you just know are a good fit. Long before Mautic was even released stable to the world, we saw the amazing opportunities provided by Bitnami. We understood the platform they provided, the visibility they generated, and the tremendous support they offered to those using their services. Even more exciting was discovering Bitnami felt the same way about Mautic. We heard from them early on how much they believed in what we were doing and the power of open source marketing automation software. They were as eager to work with our community as we were to work with them. A partnership between our two organizations was obvious.

Another Mautic Milestone

As a result of many discussions, and several months working closely together we are excited to announce the immediate availability of Mautic on the Bitnami platform. This is a huge milestone for Mautic and we could not be more pleased with the progress our fast growing community has made in such a short time. Indeed, this exponential growth we are experiencing demonstrates just how much the world has been waiting for what we as a community have created. Open source software is eating the world, and Mautic is devouring the marketing automation world.

A Completely New Category

We are also excited to show just one more way Mautic is changing the world. When we initially met with Bitnami we were told they did not have a marketing automation category. We were going to be placed in a secondary CRM category instead. However, after our meetings and an opportunity to see all that Mautic offered (lead monitoring and nurturing, email marketing, drip marketing campaigns, and more) they quickly decided to create a marketing automation category and Mautic once again leads the way.

See and Share

If you have not yet experienced the revolutionary power of Mautic for your marketing automation then we are pleased to announce today that there is now one more incredibly convenient way to begin using Mautic. Be sure to checkout Bitnami and the headache-free Mautic packages they provide. Regardless of your operating system or environment you can quickly and easily install Mautic on your server and begin using open source marketing automation today!

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