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Mautic & Email Marketing: Level One

Email Marketing Made Easy with Mautic Not sure where to get started with something as overwhelming as marketing automation? We’ve got a great suggestion: Don’t jump directly into the deep end. A system as...


Shortcuts Are Awesome

Each week we’re going to try and share a tip related to Mautic you might find helpful! We’ll make them short and sweet and helpful.

Collision Conf and Marketing Automation 0

Collision Conference Recap

This picture sums up Mautic’s recent appearance in Vegas at Collision Conference quite nicely. I snapped this pic from the rooftop penthouse on top of the Palm’s Place resort. It provided one of the...

Collision Conf and Marketing Automation 0

We’re Going to Vegas!

Another week has come and gone and we have even more exciting news to share!

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Landing Page Love

Update: Mobile landing pages are an aspect of your marketing automation you simply cannot ignore! Read this follow-up post where we discuss the best practices for creating powerful mobile landing pages. One of the...

Krit is a marketing automation community volunteer 0

Community Spotlight: Akarawuth Tamrareang

Mautic open source marketing automation is developed and supported by a network of volunteers who comprise a global community of marketers, developers, designers, and translators. We love that so many individuals and organizations have...

Marketing Automation Open Source Roadmap Discussion 0

Roadmap Development Chat

It is an exciting time for everyone involved with Mautic. We take pride in the software we have produced and we know it’s something the world needs, something powerful, something beautiful and completely open...