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Insert Lead Fields In Emails

Each week we’re going to try and share a tip related to Mautic you might find helpful! We’ll make them short and sweet and helpful.

Browserstack supports Open Source Marketing 0

Mautic Uses BrowserStack

As Mautic grows and the development efforts around Mautic get bigger we have found as a community the need for advanced development tools and resources to help our devs do what they do only...

Open Source Initiative Supports Marketing Automation 0

Mautic and Open Source Initiative

We are incredibly excited, as a community, to be able to announce publicly our acceptance as an affiliate member of the Open Source Initiative.

New Marketing Automation Software Release 0

Mautic New Release Available

Mautic creates cutting-edge marketing automation software available to everyone. Our community focuses on developing the features that will make Mautic not only competitive in the marketing automation space but we stand out going beyond...

manage email marketing lists 1

The Power of Personal Emails

One of the fundamental beliefs we hold in the Mautic community is the power of personal communication. We believe automated marketing can still be personal. There is a multitude of evidence pointing to the...


Working Weekend

Sometimes working on the weekend is a necessity and not a choice. Sometimes there are just to many things that have to get done and you simply can’t get through them all during a...