Working Weekend

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED June 06, 2015 · UPDATED June 06, 2015

Sometimes working on the weekend is a necessity and not a choice. Sometimes there are just to many things that have to get done and you simply can’t get through them all during a typical Monday through Friday. If you're working on a Saturday/Sunday...this is for you.

The Weekend Work Dilemma

Some jobs require you to work on the weekend. We get that. Some jobs have weekend shifts. But there are some jobs where you’ve been working like a frantic person all week, you’ve met yourself coming and going more than once, and here you are, on a Saturday, still working. If you fall into that last category, well, we think you’ve got a problem. Wait! Don’t leave. We also think we have a solution!

Email Overload

How many emails do you write in a week? How many of those are first points of contact, or follow-up emails to just touch base with various people? We wrote early this week about email marketing and how you can use marketing automation to help you. If you find yourself agreeing with this article then definitely go read that post. We also shared some really cool stats about email on our social media channels throughout the week.

If you missed them, well, you probably did because you were too busy writing yet another email. We’re not saying email is unimportant. Just the opposite. But we think you’re working too hard. We think if you took just a few minutes to setup some automated emails you would find yourself with more time. More time during the work week to get everything done. More time to spend doing what you should be doing on the weekend.

Improve Your Time

Marketing automation can sound like a daunting task. Email marketing even sounds a bit tricky. But if you stop and take it one little piece at a time you’ll soon find you’re more efficient than ever. That’s what Mautic is all about! Helping you become more efficient so you can spend your work time doing what you could be doing. And your weekend time doing what you want to be doing.

Obligatory Cat Picture

Working weekend? We get it. We wish you the best in getting it done! And we hope you’ll take a look at Mautic and maybe find a better way. We'd like to leave you with an example of how you can escape your weekend work: Here's one way!


Reclaim your weekend!