Mautic Monday: Interesting Marketing News

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED July 20, 2015 · UPDATED July 20, 2015

Once again this week we’re sharing 5 posts from around the marketing inter-web which has surfaced in the past week. In case you haven’t had time to read every new marketing news item you can get a quick snapshot of several popular articles here. Scan and go, perfect for your Mautic Monday.

7 Mistakes That Will Doom Your Marketing Automation Implementation

By default, most good entrepreneurs understand marketing. This doesn’t mean that you love executing daily and weekly marketing activities. But it does mean that you respect and appreciate the need for strong marketing efforts. But despite this positive outlook, it can end in doomsday. If you’re not careful, you can make fatal mistakes that do more harm than good to your marketing. Even small mistakes can cause your company a bit of embarrassment that’s best avoided.

  1. You haven’t established clear objectives.
  2. You don’t understand your customers.
  3. You didn’t choose the right automation software.
  4. You lack a documented marketing process.
  5. Your marketing and sales teams don’t work together.
  6. You aren’t offering the right kind of content.
  7. You’re selling instead of nurturing leads.

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Pro Prankster Perfect Viral Marketing

Using the Car Lister auto-buying platform is as easy as lifting the front wheels of a Ford Escape taxi off the ground. At least that’s what the pranksters at ad agency Thinkmodo wanted you to believe in a recent stunt. Car Lister’s CEO enlisted the New York viral-marketing agency to pull off a stunt to bring more visibility to the site, which allows dealerships and private owners to sell vehicles in a community-like setting with the help of photos and video previews. So Thinkmodo staged a dispute between a New York meter maid and a rude taxi driver who refused to move from an illegal spot.

Yet it was all just a clever scheme to generate viral attention for Car Lister. The stunt illustrates the power of viral videos that spread rapidly online and are then picked up by TV shows for prolonged exposure.

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Study With Major Brands Compares Ad Recall For Mobile and Desktop Promos

When people were asked if they remembered seeing full-page ads, 38 percent recalled seeing the ad on a desktop. Forty-three percent of those who were served the ad on smartphones, tablets and desktops remembered the ad.

Banners had the lowest ad recall rates. Thirty-three percent of people who looked at banner ads on a desktop remembered seeing the ad later. The same percentage of people who saw it on multiple devices remembered seeing ads, meaning that solo desktop banners are just as effective as cross-screen standard ads, even though brands pay extra for smartphone and tablet ads.

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Amazon’s Brand Takes a Hit on Social Media During #PrimeDay

Even with negative tweets up 241%, Amazon claims big win overall. The social media sentiments around Amazon took a noticeable turn for the worse during the first 13 hours of Prime Day, which has the e-commerce site offering a slew of deals to celebrate its 20th birthday. Deals like 35 percent off Velveeta Shells & Cheese—on a day the Seattle-based company predicted would rival Black Friday—created negative responses on Facebook and Twitter.

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5 Ways Live Video Can Rock Your Content Marketing

As content marketers, we can tap into the power of live video to grow our influence, build communities, encourage engagement, and interact with our fans and followers in a whole new way. Not sure where to get started with streaming video? We’ve got 5 suggestions for you:

  1. Live Events
  2. Live Announcements
  3. Live Interviews
  4. Live Video Blogging
  5. Live Panel Chats

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