Mautic Monday: Google Ads, Ad Blocking & Email Marketing

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED September 28, 2015 · UPDATED September 28, 2015

In this Mautic Monday wrap-up we find a common thread through our marketing news. Email marketing continues to be a huge topic in marketing and this week brings about a new and interesting (though perhaps not unique) new marketing opportunity. Read on to learn more about what Google is announcing and how it will impact your marketing strategy. Also, there are some great articles surrounding email marketing in retail environments, and how ad-blocking software is affecting a $60 billion online advertising industry.

Google Targets Ads Through Email Address

Google is beginning to let advertisers upload lists of their customers' email addresses in order to target those people with ads when searching on Google, watching videos on YouTube or checking email on Gmail. Eventually brands will also be able to target people that Google identifies as having similar characteristics to the people in their email lists.

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Retail Email Marketing is Changing Gradually

Rumors that young people have abandoned email notwithstanding, most US internet users, young and old, do interact with email marketing. A December 2014 Listrak survey found that overall, 72% of respondents ages 18 and older opened and read promotional retail emails. When breaking down the results further by age and gender, the most likely group to perform this behavior was women ages 35 to 44 (78%), followed by millennial males ages 18 to 34 (76%).

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Ad Blocking Is a Hot Topic for Marketing, Media Executives

When Advertising Week kicks off Monday in New York, ad-industry executives will convene to discuss all the hot new marketing trends, from the branded emoji craze to location-based targeting to artificial-intelligence-driven marketing. But beyond the excitement over newfangled approaches, there also will be plenty of hand-wringing over the very future of the ad business as it comes under threat. In the digital world, the growing popularity of ad-blocking is the crisis of the moment, threatening the nearly $60 billion online ad industry. But it is just the latest source of heartburn. Marketers are also worried about piracy, fraud fueled by electronic “bots,” transparency in ad-buying and the need to ensure that their ads are actually viewable instead of hidden in corners of websites.

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InfoWorld Marketing Automation Winner: Mautic

Lastly, we are very pleased to share this article from InfoWorld where Mautic, open source marketing automation, has been featured as a winner of the 2015 BOSSIES. Open source options in marketing automation are few, but Mautic’s extensibility stands out even against closed solutions like IBM’s Silverpop. Mautic even integrates with popular third-party email marketing solutions (MailChimp, Constant Contact) and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram) with quick-connect widgets.

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