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The concept of asset management within marketing has become a more recognized topic with the proliferations of marketing automation platforms and the ability to manage and monitor specific resources. Let’s look briefly at how marketing automation uses these various assets and then explore how Mautic handles asset management specifically.

What is Asset Management?

The term asset management has historically been used predominantly within companies keeping inventories of physical products. Asset management was the way these organizations tracked inventory levels, the availability of products and other tangible resources. But in the marketing world today this term has come to mean something a little less specific. Asset management in marketing is defined as the management of a digital resource and the monitoring of all activity associated with that resource. This means an asset can be any number of things: a white paper, a PDF, a PowerPoint, a movie, a spreadsheet, etc. These assets are not something that will be used up or spent but rather a digital resource your company wishes to make available to your target audience. (Questions about your ideal customer or how you should define them? Read this article about finding and marketing your target audience.)

Now that we understand how asset management is related to marketing we can begin to look at how you manage these digital resources within Mautic.

Assets in Mautic

When you use Mautic for your marketing automation platform you have access to a powerful asset management platform as well. Mautic helps you manage digital resources and track a large number of metrics around each resource. Sometimes the best way to learn is by looking at a specific example.

Download Example

You have a product, a zip file, that you want to give to your audience. You could easily just give them a link to a file and they could download the file directly. But when you do this you have little to no real metrics about who is downloading, how often, or any other valuable information about your download. Instead, you use Mautic, and your marketing automation platform, now the file is being tracked within your platform and you have much more detail available.

You may want to create a form within Mautic. This form will collect information from your visitors before they download the file you have for them. By doing this you are asking your visitors for just a little bit of information before giving them something. Your interaction becomes an exchange. Read more about the process of building good forms here. But beyond just the form aspect, Mautic provides many other helpful features. You can include your asset as part of your drip campaigns, you can create versions of your assets, and you can quickly see metrics as they relate to each asset.

managing digital resources with marketing automation
marketing automation and digital resources


Asset management is very important to your marketing success. You need to take the time to properly create and share your assets and maximize the marketing effect each can bring to your business. Don’t waste your amazing content without getting something in return.

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