Are You Repurposing Content?

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED August 27, 2015 · UPDATED August 27, 2015

Or maybe this introductory question should be: Are you wasting valuable assets? When you write original content are you maximizing it to the fullest potential? Your original content should be used for much more than a single blog article. Let’s look at what that means for your marketing plan and ways you should be repurposing content.

Blog Content

One of the first ways you can use your content is for the most obvious purpose of adding value to your website through your blog. This is more than likely the primary reason you started creating content in the first place so this is indeed the most obvious and first use for your content. Your blog helps you build credibility in your industry and improve your search engine optimization. This is clearly a primary purpose of your content marketing.


Once you’ve created this amazing content you need to find as many possible outlets as you can to share it. Slideshares are a very trendy way to get your content out. Take your main points, and turn them into slides. But it’s not as easy as just dumping some content into slides. You will need to combine your text with graphics. Slides are a great way to communicate but they rely on creating a beautiful presentation to share your content. This repurposing content may take a little bit of additional time but compared to the original creation this time is minor an yet yields great return on your investment. (This article goes into more depth on the benefits of slideshare).

Social Media

You will want to make sure you are repurposing your content for social media. This involves more than just sending a link out to your blog article! You need to craft compelling tweets, (be sure to leave at least 2 characters so others can retweet or +1 you) write good Facebook updates, and be sure to share on LinkedIn and Pinterest. This last one brings up a good point. Did you know social media posts with images are viewed and shared more than 40% times more than others? Find or create unique, engaging graphics to share relevant to your blog content.


Ever thought about the possibility of turning your blog articles into podcasts or audible posts? You may not find as great of search engine optimization from your content being audible instead of written, but you’ll find other benefits from podcasting including audience reach and a strong brand presence. Plus, think about the value that audio posts can hold for your audience. Attention spans are short, reading time is limited for many, but the opportunity to listen to your great content while doing other tasks is just one more convenience you can offer. Repurposing your content for audio requires a bit of minor reworking and you will need to ensure your audio setup is good quality (otherwise no one will want to listen) but again, a minor amount of work can lead to another outlet for your newly created content.

Webinar & Video Shorts

In addition to the above content outlets don’t neglect the growing popularity of video. Creating video shorts from your content can be as simple as starting a Periscope and opening up discussion about your content. Or you could jump onto emerging video platforms like and start a modern webinar. This requires a bit of free thinking about how you can repurpose your content for this outlet but again, minimal work and you can capitalize on all the hard work you’ve invested in the original piece of content.

Final Thought

There are a few things to consider before planning how you will repurpose you content. You don’t want to waste your time repurposing less than high-quality content. Be sure your original content is useful, holds value for your audience and is of appropriate length for repurposing. Once you make sure these guidelines are met then you have a great opportunity to repurpose your content and improve your outreach.