Mautic Docker Image

Docker marketing automation container

We’re always looking to improve access to Mautic and how developers can take advantage of this awesome software.

Today we are happy to announce the next way for developers to start using Mautic. Docker is an incredibly powerful container-based platform that lets developers deploy images quickly through registered Dockerfiles. Because of the power this gives developers to work how they want we are excited to share the creation of the Mautic image and associated Dockerfile on the Docker Hub. We’ve also written some helpful documentation to get you started with building your image initially.

Docker containers are a fantastic way to quickly scale your website and having a Mautic instance running on Docker containers gives you the flexibility and the power to grow your marketing automation to any size you need. Quickly scale Mautic to meet your demands, rebuild, or redeploy seamlessly.

Mautic on Docker Hub

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