Mautic 2.9.0 Beta-Release is Available

By jseevers · PUBLISHED July 05, 2017 · UPDATED July 05, 2017


I’ve been in and around technology for nearly 20 years. Everything from IT administration/end-user support, software development and technology marketing/sales. In each one of these lines of work, there has been a consistent theme. Testing.

Why Testing?

If we’re honest, all end user support starts with a lot of questions. What was happening when that issue happened? Were you doing another task when that happened? What led up to the error? What showed up on screen when it happened? These questions are all designed to provide answers that lead to preventing that issue in the future.

Every operating system, mobile application or other software that we may use, operates in an environment that is unique to it. Trying to determine the source of these issues, often means understanding the environment as well as every unique element related to it. Once a possible source is discovered, we test to determine if our hypothesis is correct.

In a similar fashion, whether you are designing digital learning tools, or a robust marketing automation solution, each newly designed feature or added capability requires testing to ensure that it operates in a manner befitting its goal. And likewise with marketing messages, there are companies that primarily work on focus group testing messages with a variety of audiences to ensure that their message is resonating with it’s potential customers.

If we can find testing in so many environments, then it makes logical sense that we equip our own organizations with systems that provide us with the opportunity to test out new software that will impact our business. That’s why we are excited to share that we will be re-launching a beta-release program with the announcement of Mautic 2.9.0!


For those who don't adhere to a release management process, in its simplest form there is a test server and a production server. Each of these have their own purpose. The test server provides organizations with the ability to load and test pre-releases of software in an environment that doesn't interrupt your day-to-day marketing automation (or other business) activities. The production server typically contains the most stable version of the software that enables you to continue gathering data on your audience as well as provide them with value at every interaction.

Mautic makes it simple to access and test beta-releases. To set up a test server, follow a similar process for a production server, with the most significant change occurring in the setup of Mautic. Follow the link below for more configuration details.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not use beta releases in your production environment. There may be bugs still present in a beta release. Remember to always take a backup of your files and database prior to applying any updates, beta or otherwise.


Mautic 2.9.0 Beta-Release

For more detailed information on how you can access the Mautic 2.9.0 beta-release click here.

Now you are ready to test! Be sure to access Mautic's Github Pre-release page to determine what features are being released and what issues are being resolved.


Ionel Roiban

So glad you guys are getting just a little bit more sophisticated with Mautic releases. Would be nice if the Slack #dev channel was a little bit more responsive, too.