Mautic 2.5: Open Sesame

By jseevers · PUBLISHED January 03, 2017 · UPDATED January 03, 2017

Since the beginning, we built Mautic to be open and accessible. Other marketing automation systems limit what access and control users have over the data they gather. We make it a priority to provide you with as much access as possible to your information. All while providing you with industry leading features that make more meaningful connections with your audience.

This release is no different. With Mautic 2.5 we’ve added additional data and reporting functionality while continuing to add features that will improve your best practices.

Data and Reporting

  • Automatically send company details from Mautic to your connected CRM system.
  • Export your contacts directly from the list view, or activity data from the contact detail page.
  • Measure and report on even more email metrics, like link clicks.

Features and Functionality

  • Send email tests to multiple recipients, not just to the user creating the test.
  • For those who use Mailjet, you can now test your Mautic campaigns using Sandbox mode.
  • Turn on single sign-on (SSO) using SAML. (Feature not available on Mautic Cloud Free accounts)
  • Place forms and focus items into dynamic content.
  • Trigger activities using custom date fields and automatically send birthday or anniversary emails through a campaign.

Marketers must be better equipped to meet the needs of their audience online. Each connection you make with your customer requires even more relevance and personalization. With a more agile approach to development, you’ll begin to see more frequent updates giving you an even more open, integrated solution that drives audience engagement.

The Mautic 2.5 update has been released to Mautic Cloud and self-hosted users. For more information about this update, please check the release notes here. If you have any questions, please be sure to reach out to us via the Community Forums, Slack or our social channels (Facebook & Twitter) and we will do our best to answer them.



Jorge Hernández

Hello Jeff, Happy new year! Definitely Mautic is getting better and better, I have to be honest, I am testing new functionalities every time I get something new from you guys, this time is not going to be different :-) Thanks a lot, keep going the great work!

Keep up the great work guys! I am really excited to see where Mautic goes!
Made In Zion

Mautic is a so great discovery in open source self hosted solution. I LOVE you guys!! Where your inspiration is coming from? Thanks for humanity to provide such a tool. Thanks for offering freedom to keep control in such centralized Internet.

Hey there, Thank you for this great update. Is there any possibilities to add custom fonts (Japanese, Korean) for landing page builder?

In reply to by Joshua


Joshua, thank you for your question. To use custom fonts in the landing page builder, users would need create a custom theme that includes the fonts in the HTML, then use that theme in the builder.