Mautic 1.2 Release Available

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED September 04, 2015 · UPDATED September 04, 2015

Marketing automation software and email marketing systems have long been known for very extended timeframes and incredibly slow release cycles. This is just one more way that Mautic, open source marketing automation, can revolutionize the marketing world. With this latest release Mautic is now a quite capable open source email marketing system as well. Below are a few statistics related to this most recent release for those of you who like numbers you'll love taking a look at these.

Mautic 1.2 (Statistically Speaking)

This release of Mautic spanned a short 46 days. (Of course we'd be wrong to not mention this means 45 nights as well!) But it's more than just working long hours, development on Mautic has been packed full of new features and bug fixes as well. Mautic release 1.2 includes 4 major new features and 72 issues addressed. It's incredible to think all this has been done in such a short time. As we have always said development extends far beyond issues related to the code. The Mautic community has grown incredibly in other ways as well. As of September 3 Mautic has 117 translators working on 40 languages!

Major New Features

As mentioned above there are 4 major new features in this release. Here is a brief review of each.

Monitored Email (Bounce Management)

Monitored email allows Mautic to monitor an IMAP account(s) for bounced emails or unsubscribe requests.

Email Marketing Bounce Management

Webhooks (Developers Rejoice)

Mautic now has webhooks! Configure them through the new Webhooks link in the admin menu. Notify 3rd party services or scripts when a new lead is created, updated, etc.

Mautic Webhooks Developer Feature

Smarter Lead Lists (Smart Lists Got Smarter)

Lead lists can now be segmented by list membership, bounce status, and others. You can now also use relative dates like today, tomorrow, next month, etc.

Email marketing smart lead lists

Lead Tagging (Nothing to see here)

Lead can now be tagged through their profile page, edit form, API, or tracking pixels. Search by tags, tag through campaigns, etc. To tag via the API or tracking pixel, append &tags=tag1,tag2,-tag3 (prefix with a minus) to delete a tag).

Of course as always if you want to see a more detailed breakdown of what’s been fixed and featured in this release check out the release notes on GitHub or in the forums.

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Peter Macinkovic

This is great guys, the use of Tagging and Webhooks is a real awesome update! I've been using Mautic for for a while but I haven't really used the Marketing Automation capabilities yet because I haven't had the time to figure out integration points. But now I feel confident that I can design the user subscription sequence, abandon cart sequence and order confirmation sequence using Mautic and Shopify.

Congrats on such a fantastic platform and perfect UI. I recently took hubspots inbound certification which has really opened my eyes on how I can start benefiting from Mautic. Awesome!