An update on Mautic 3

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED May 27, 2020 · UPDATED May 27, 2020

Work on Mautic 3 commenced in November 2019 and we are very nearly ready to make it available for you to use in new installations and as an update for existing Mautic instances. With almost 4,000 files changed it is by far the most significant update since the initial release of Mautic.

What is the status?

Just under two weeks ago we released a second beta for community testing. There had been significant changes as a result of fixed bugs identified from the earlier beta, as well as bringing in the bug fixes from 2.16.1 and 2.16.2, and we felt it was important that it be fully tested before distributing the release.

We have also been working hard on a robust migration script which will allow you to update Mautic via a web-based interface or at the command line, with built-in safety checks and backups.

Where is the release?

The short answer is that we are not ready to make a release today, for the reasons outlined below.

We know that you are all excited to start using Mautic 3, and fully appreciate that delays are frustrating.

We have also had first hand, personal experience of encountering bugs and problems after updating Mautic in the past, which caused major problems.

We are committed to improving the stability of Mautic and ensuring that the process of installing or updating to Mautic 3 is smooth. We do not want to rush out the release when we know that there are outstanding problems that need to be addressed.

You can help us to get the release finalised in several ways, outlined below.

Our revised plan for release is as follows:

Monday June 15th 2020: 3.0.0 release (new installations) + 2.16.3-beta release (adds the upgrade script)

Monday June 29th 2020: 3.0.1 release + 2.16.3 stable release (adds the upgrade script)

Why the delay?

Incomplete user acceptance testing on beta 2 release

Currently the testing process is still ongoing. We have only had two community members working on this, so we still have some way to go until we are confident that we have rigorously tested all areas.

We are in the process of writing automated acceptance tests which will significantly reduce this testing effort in the future.

How can you make a difference?

Can you spare some time to help us test the features and functionality of Mautic?

We have a test environment up at so you only need to know how to use Mautic and follow instructions.

Get started on our UAT Trello board and join #mautic-3 on Slack (get an invite at

Bugs identified in testing the beta 2 release

During the testing of the beta 2 release, we have identified some bugs which we know will impact a large percentage of Mautic users.

These are fixed or are in the process of being fixed, but have not yet been tested.

How can you make a difference?

If you are a developer, take a look at any of the bugs in the ‘to do’ column and if you can fix them, please submit and link a PR.

If you are familiar with Mautic, take a look at the items in the ‘needs testing’ column on the Mautic 3 board - test the bug on the base branch at and the test the fix by selecting the appropriate pull request at Make sure that you report your findings by clicking on the card, going to ‘files changed’ and leaving a review.


We really appreciate that this is not the best news to be sharing, but we believe that this is the right thing to do for Mautic. We hope that you will consider helping us over the next two weeks, however you are able to do so.