Upcoming Mautic Conference: Please help the organizers!

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED December 14, 2021 · UPDATED December 14, 2021

Our official Mautic Conferences have quickly become a central factor to Mautic users and service providers. To make these events happen, we (i.e. the Mautic community and Open Source project) rely on volunteers to prepare and to run them.

Today I'd like to ask you to become a part of that team! For 2022, we have made that much easier by clearly defining and explaining the various roles and tasks - see this overview. In short, we need all sorts of skills. 

Please take a brief look: Would you consider helping us for

  • Mautic Conference Global (online, June 8th-9th, 2022) or for the
  • Mautic Conference (on-premise, November 2022, location yet to be defined)

with any of those tasks?

That’s great! Please simply send me an email (or contact me on Slack) and let me know your thoughts (or questions, too).

Of course, this is completely non-committal. And you will have all the assistance you want, from those who had the same role in previous Mautic Conferences. There is a lot of experience already, so all it really takes is your willingness to contribute a bit of your time and passion for Mautic.

Thank you very much in advance!

Ruth Cheesley
Mautic Project Lead

P.S. Can’t volunteer yourself? Please discuss with your colleagues, maybe somebody else might be able to help Mautic here!
Or help us financially, instead, by sponsoring the event. Interested? Please contact me via email or Slack, see above.