Mautic Translation Initiative: Top Contributors

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED February 17, 2015 · UPDATED February 17, 2015

Our mission at Mautic is to provide global access to marketing automation through a strong open source community. You are the ones who make it happen with your personal contributions to the Mautic community. Translating Mautic into your language does more than providing you with a powerful marketing tool, translation grants access to all who share your native language and gets us one step closer to global access.

Mautic's Translation Initiative was started to reward those who chose to contribute through translation. We want to thank all of our contributors for your hard work and for being part of a project that's larger than any one of us.

Each of the individuals below have shown tremendous initiative and are primary contributors for their respective languages.

In addition to these all-star contributors, we have thirty other translators contributing to Mautic daily. Huge thanks to our entire translation community for your hard work, you guys rock!

Check out the Mautic project at Transifex and share Open Source Marketing Automation with your world.

Happy Marketing!



How could I contribute with Mautic Translation Initiative? I can help translating it to Portuguese. DO you already have someone translating it to Portuguese?
John Linhart

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Good question. Take a look at the translating platform we are using for Mautic: . Portuguese is there already, but feel free to join the team.