Open Startup report #10 - January 2024

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED February 08, 2024 · UPDATED April 02, 2024

Key points

  • This month's income was boosted by signing a Diamond tier member at $30,000.
  • Expenditure is higher this month owing to travel expenses for attending several major conferences which were very positive, and legal expenses associated with the 5-yearly renewal of trademarks.
  • We continue to see a growth in both adoption of Mautic and engagement in the community.
  • The Community Sprint in Belgium and online was a great success - lots of progress was made!
  • FOSDEM and State of Open Con were a strongly positive experience with lots of people learning about Mautic for the first time.



This month saw the completion of our first Diamond Tier sponsorship agreement with Dropsolid, along with several companies sponsoring the Mautic Conference India event. Our regular monthly sponsorships continue to be relatively stable, however GitHub Sponsors continues to be somewhat erratic in its payout dates. In January there were no new individual members of Mautic.

Description Amount
Membership - Corporate $29,972
Sponsorship - Events $2,350
Sponsorship - Open Collective $1,315
Sponsorship - GitHub Sponsors $798.87
Total $34,435.87


This month we have had quite a lot of travel and expenditure due to the fact that we had the Community Sprint, FOSDEM and State of Open Con within two weeks of each other. Some small marketing expenses were also incurred which included t-shirts for the stand staff (which were highly visible at the event and a great investment!) and a small run of business cards for me to use at events to promote Mautic.

We also have some small legal expenses as we're renewing one of our trademarks which happens every five years.

It's worth noting that this month's employment was actually one which was missed being approved from October - so next month we will see two transactions for January and February as we catch up.

The way the employment costs work is that Open Source Collective are invoiced by Remote, and they then pass on the cost to our Collective as an expense which has to be approved. Unfortunately in October this was missed - hence the late approval.

Description Amount
Employment $8222.86
Host fees $3,403.59
Travel & Expenditure $1826.27
Infrastructure $470.97
Marketing $389.17
Legal $214.50
Total $14,527.36


A big thank you to all the organisations who have contributed to Mautic in January!These organisations are making Mautic and helping to grow our awesome community!

🔎 You can always take a look at the data for the last 90 days via this link: and you can now view this month’s report here:

⬆️ = Increase from last month
⬇️ = Decrease from last month


Most active companies

Dropsolid 436 (⬆️ 808.33%)
Acquia 353 (⬆️ 199.15%)
Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 318 (⬆️ 120.83%)
Axelerant 291 (⬆️ 100.69%)
PreviousNext 200 (⬆️ 108.33%)
Friendly 127 (⬆️ 243.24%)
Webmecanik 109 (⬆️ 31.33%)
Matic Zagmajster s.p. 73
Codefive 62 (⬆️ 169.57%)
Comarch 38

Top contributing companies

Acquia 100 (⬇️ 9.09%)
Dropsolid 65 (⬆️ 712.50%)
Webmecanik 27 (⬆️ 50%)
Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 24 (⬆️ 9.09%)
Comarch 10 (⬆️ 42.86%)
Codefive 3
Matic Zagmajster s.p. 3
Steer Campaign 2
octree-gva 2
PreviousNext 1

Contributions are as defined here with the addition of Jira issues being closed as completed, GitHub Pull Request reviews and Knowledgebase articles being written or translated, which we track through Savannah’s API.

Want to appear on this list? Get contributing, and drop me a line with your company name, domain and the folk who work for you and we’ll make sure that you are attributed correctly!


Most active contributors

Avinash Dalvi 665

John Linhart 345

Surabhi Gokte 291

Mattias Michaux 279

Rahul Shinde 254

Mohit Aghera 200

Joey Keller 127

Zdeno Kuzmany 76

Matic Zagmajster 73

Rembrand Le Compte 70

Top contributors

John Linhart 95

Mattias Michaux 40

Zdeno Kuzmany 27

Artem Lopata 12

Patryk Gruszka 9

Rembrand Le Compte 9

Tim Mallezie 6

Nick Vanpraet 6

Rahul Shinde 5

Anderson Eccel 4

Welcome to our new contributors this month 💖








Adam Bark




Top supporters

Matic Zagmajster 3

John Linhart 3

Mattias Michaux 3

kurztipp 1

mauticsmit 1

roblefko 1

olucaszaccaro 1

Anna Munk 1

marko008 1

Leon 1

Usage of Mautic

Downloads of Mautic continue to be relatively steady at between 3,000-4,000 downloads per month via; just over 1,000 per month via Composer installations; and around 7,500 pulls via Dockerhub per month. We are not currently able to reliably track downloads via GitHub directly.

There are just over 38,600 websites active with Mautic tracking enabled, as reported by - which continues to grow month-on-month.

Chart showing cumulative number of live Mautic instances over time, with a strong uptick from 2023
Cumulative live instances of Mautic tracking deployed on websites by date first detected. Source:

We had a strong quarter on quarter growth in mid-2024, rising from around 4% QoQ growth to 33%, this has plateaued somewhat down to around 15% by the end of the year, which still represents a 2x increase from the average of 7% seen since 2020. Q1 is on track to meet and hopefully exceed this figure at the time of writing.

Community Health

We continue to see a rising trend in growth of new community members joining Mautic and an average of around 30 new companies getting involved, which shows a positive story when it comes to diversity of interest in Mautic.

We continue to onboard around 20-30 new contributors each month who are supporting Mautic in many ways, from reviewing pull requests to helping answer questions in the forums, writing and translating content for our knowledgebase, organising conferences and more.

This month we held our Community Sprint at the end of the month in advance of the annual FOSDEM in Belgium. Dropsolid were kind enough to host the event with around 6 people joining us in-person and similar numbers attending online.

Some of the results from the two-day event include:

  • Open pull requests went from 300 to 263 = 12.4% reduction! 🚀 Over the two days we closed 7 PRs, merged 29 PRs , and 17 were created in that time as well
  • Landing pages, emails and campaign created for FOSDEM and State of Open Con which were well received by stand visitors
  • Multiple fixes to the Developer Docs meaning the builds are now passing and errors have been fixed, so references can be made to specific sections of the content
  • Work is starting on the local landing pages initiative


A new start to a new year - lots of exciting things are ahead for Mautic and we kicked off the year in a strong position by signing our first DIamond Tier member - will you be the next?

It's great to see some new names coming up in the contributors lists this month, and especially to see new companies supporting their teams in becoming involved in giving back to Mautic.

It's a little disappointing that we had no new individual members this month, so we'll be working extra hard to correct this next month!