Mautic’s next in-person conference is looking for a location!

Our in-person conferences are a great opportunity for Mautic users in a region to gather, learn and network. Last year we held our first ever in-person conference in Hasselt, Belgium which was a great success – we had some fantastic speakers, and an extremely productive community sprint where all teams got a lot done and we welcomed several new contributors.

In the Mautic Community we have decided to rotate continents each year for our in-person conference, which gives an opportunity for local communities to host the event.

Would you like to have the next Mautic in-person conference in your country?

We are inviting you to submit a proposal before the end of April 2022 for consideration – we will make the final decision during our community sprint in Budapest. The conference will happen in November 2022, but we are flexible on the actual dates.

What do I need to consider if I want to propose a location?

Importantly, we cannot hold the event in any European country – so you need to be outside Europe. Other than that, here are some of our requirements:

  • A team of people who are going to work together to run the event
    • This does not have to be a big team, but should be more than one person
  • A city where the event will take place – ideally someone in the team should be ‘on the ground’ and live in or near the area
    • Well connected for national and international travel connections
    • A good range of reasonably priced accommodation
    • A strong Mautic community presence
  • A venue where you think the event could be hosted over 1-3 days
    • A large plenary room for talks (or smaller rooms if the event would be multi-track)
    • Breakout rooms for community sprints, follow up discussions
    • An area for networking between sessions
  • Local interest from sponsors and attendees
    • There should be at least one local sponsor who is interested in financially supporting the event

If you have an idea for a location please submit it before the end of April here:

Submit your idea