Mautic Translation Initiative

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED January 09, 2015 · UPDATED January 09, 2015

Help Translate Mautic

Mautic is the world’s only open source marketing automation software. It was founded with a vision for global equality, to provide growth potential to individuals, organizations, and businesses of any size! We could use your help in making this vision a reality.

Marketing Automation is the fastest growing sector of sales and marketing software and it is a multi-billion dollar industry, but only accessible to those with a large budget. We set out to change that, so we have created a program with all the power of the exclusive closed automation providers. Mautic is a beautiful, simple and powerful open source software, but we wanted to take the concept even father. So we asked you to help us build a community, of developers, marketers, designers and translators, to support, create, collaborate, and share. We don’t just think our product should always be better, we think you can be too.

Get rewarded for your contributions to openness

When we say our dream is for global access, we don’t just mean English speakers. Help us spread openness. Help us spread growth across the globe. Help us translate Mautic. You can lead the way and share the world’s only open source marketing automation with all who speak your native language.

In the spirit of giving, we would like to offer prizes to the top translators in our community. How many languages can we complete in 30 days?


In addition to Mautic prizes for contribution...

The first person to complete a language will be featured on the website as a Mautic VIP.

Second to finish will be featured in the community spotlight of the Mautic newsletter

Just a small way to show our gratitude for your participation in Mautic.

Start Translating

Get involved in the project by contributing through Transifex.

-Visit and click the green “Translate”

-Select your language and start translating, simple.

-If you do not see your language on the project list click on “Translated by Mautic”

-On the next page, you will see “Add new” button on top of the language list.

-Click to add your language to the project and get started!

You’re doing something great! Just thought you should know.