Mautic Sprint (Online) on April 6-7, Open-for-all

The Mautic Community Teams (Product / Development, Education, Marketing, Community) are inviting you to a joint team sprint event on

Monday, April 6 (plus optionally Tuesday, April 7) 2020 in Ghent, Belgium as an Online Event

(similar to our "Mautic Summit" held in November 2019 in the Netherlands) 

What to expect

  • Everyone is welcome!
  • If you are new to active contribution, this is a great opportunity for a hands-on experience to get started, and to find tasks that match your skills and interests.
  • The Mautic teams will use this opportunity to meet online for one or two full days and get a lot of things done, plus co-ordinate with other teams.
  • And of course collaborating closely with other humans - and making friends online - is a big part of it! Maybe we can even share a drink online ;)
  • We  are working hard to provide the best possible experience and integration for remote attendees from around the world, even in different time zones.

As a preparation, every team will figure out

a) if they want a single-day or a two-day (recommended) sprint

b) what their draft agenda (and maybe preliminary sprint goal) is

c) what tools or infrastructure they might need


Consider attending? 

Come join us! Attendance is of course free of costs, but we ask you to

Register now (free)


Got questions, ideas, comments?

This is the best place for these things:


One more thing:

This event would not be the same without the substantial sponsoring by Acquia. In the future, the Mautic community will want and have to create its own budgets, but for now it is incredibly helpful that Acquia keeps supporting us in so many ways. Thanks!