Mautic Open Startup Report #7 - October 2023

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED November 02, 2023 · UPDATED November 15, 2023

Key points

We are continuing to track a wide range of metrics which you can find on the Open Startup Metrics sheet.

  • While there is a steady trickle of memberships at the independent level and several open discussions with potential corporate members, we are quite far behind our targets for the 2023 year to date.
  • Many large sponsors are scheduled to start their contributions in the new year, and outreach efforts to sign up members are increasing.
  • There is a growth in local events and meetup groups, including two new groups starting this month and our first MautiCamp event in Africa.
  • The Mautic community's health remains stable with around 30 new contributors being onboarded each month.
  • The launch of the Mautic Community Portal marks a significant milestone and will replace costly services like the pro account.


It's been a pretty steady month with new members signing up and a gradual switching from monthly sponsorships to annual memberships.

I'm making contact with various companies across the community and also reaching out to businesses who use Mautic, and we've got a growing pipeline of members who will be signing up over the next months and into the new financial year, which is promising.

We are, however, around $60,000 behind the targeted financial position that we hoped to be in at the end of the year.

While we do have some large sponsors scheduled up to commence in the new year (which would have meant we would have likely met our target this year if they came in sooner), it would be a much better position for Mautic to reach this target by the end of the year to give us more of a financial cushion once the funding from Acquia ceases in the new year.

I will be putting in more effort to sign up members over the coming months, and working with the marketing team to ensure we are communicating about the importance and benefits of Mautic to our audience. If you'd like to help with this, please drop me a line at [email protected].

I'll also be preparing some resources for agencies to approach their clients who rely on Mautic regarding becoming a member themselves, as well as how they might be able to support the community in practical terms by enabling their staff to contribute.

If you're a company who would like to know more about corporate membership please reach out at [email protected] and I'd be happy to chat further. If you're an individual reading this and you're not yet a member, hop over and join today! Remember that if $100 a year is too much, there is also the option to pro-rate based on where you are registered for tax purposes, check out for the specific rates.


Description Amount
Monthly contributions $21,315 *
One-time contributions $420
Memberships (Individual) $300
Total $22,035
  • Delayed transaction from Acquia, therefore represented doubled in this month
  • No income as yet from GitHub Sponsors (delayed transfer)


Description Amount
Host fees $2,203.50
Infrastructure $315.09
Employment (August) $8,894.73
MautiCamp Africa reclaimed expenses $999
Total $12,412.32

Our expenses continue to be relatively stable this month, we had some expenses reclaimed via the MautiCamp Africa project relating to the running of their event this month, which was in part supported by budget from the Mautic project.


Hats off to these organizations for making Mautic epic and fuelling our growth! Ready to dive into the data?

Here are the last 90 days' stats: Mautic | Last 90 Days.

This month’s details available at Mautic | Monthly Report for October 2023

Want your organization to shine here? Start contributing now!


Most active companies

Dropsolid 250 (⬆️ 216.46%)

Acquia 176 (⬆️ 282.61%)

Webmecanik 101 (⬆️ 152.50%)

Friendly 87 (⬇️ 5.43%)

Codefive 47

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 46 (⬇️ 6.12%)

Moorwald | Sven Döring 33

Comarch 28

Matic Zagmajster s.p. 23 (⬇️ 50%)

Bluespace 21

Top contributing companies

Acquia 52 (⬆️ 73.33%)

Dropsolid 28

Webmecanik 20 (⬆️ 5.26%)

Leuchtfeuer Digital Marketing 15 (⬆️ 66.67%)

Comarch 11 (⬆️ 57.14%)

Bluespace 8

Friendly 7 3

Codefive 2

othermedia 1

Contributions are as defined here with the addition of Jira issues being closed as completed, GitHub Pull Request reviews and Knowledgebase articles being written or translated, which we track through Savannah’s API.


Thank you, contributors, for your incredible support and work. Let's give a warm welcome to our new contributors too! 🎉

Most active contributors

Mattias Michaux 189

John Linhart 157

Joey Keller 87

stefan-franz 62

team 53

Nick Vanpraet 50

Zdeno Kuzmany 48

Bill F 45

Norman Pracht 34

Sven Döring 33

Top contributors

John Linhart 43

Mattias Michaux 23

Zdeno Kuzmany 17

Patrick Jenkner 10

Oluwatobi Owolabi 8

Joey Keller 7

Favour Chibueze 7

Patryk Gruszka 6

Nick Vanpraet 5

Miroslav Fedeleš 5

Welcome to our new contributors this month 💖


Albert Møller Nielsen

Ricardo Freire



Javier Quilez Cabello


Jason Woods


Top supporters

Joey Keller 7

stefan-franz 3

Leon-Elias Oltmanns 2

Ricardo Freire 2

Albert Møller Nielsen 1

stemautic88 1

Matic Zagmeister 1

John Linhart 1

diegoom 1

Usage of Mautic

We continue to see consistent download rates through the website and a slight uplift in composer installations this month.

chart showing downloads over time
All and unique downloads per month via Source: Mautic
Chart showing composer downloads over time.
All Composer downloads from the mautic/ namespace Source: Packagist

We would like to find an alternative way to track downloads through the website, and we'll be investigating using Analytics in the coming months. If you'd like to help with that, check out this issue: [TMAR-302] - Jira and get in touch with the Marketing Team in #t-marketing on Slack.

We're also continuing to see a month-on-month growth in websites that are deployed with Mautic tracking - after the large spike last quarter we are back down to around 2,000 new sites this month, which sets us at over 40,000 active websites with Mautic tracking enabled (as detected by

I've added a few more charts to the spreadsheet which may be of interest - namely one showing all detected installations of Mautic whether or not they are still active, and one which shows when Mautic tracking is being removed from sites.


Chart showing all sites with Mautic tracking over time including those who have removed it.
All sites with Mautic tracking over time, regardless of whether it's still present, Source:
Chart of all sites that have removed Mautic tracking over time.
All sites that have removed Mautic tracking by the quarter it was last seen. Source:

This is something that we should monitor going forward, to ensure that there are more sites deploying Mautic tracking than removing it.

Community Health

We are seeing a fairly steady growth in terms of new members joining the community and the number of people who are starring the Mautic repository on GitHub is also starting to slowly trend upwards. Around 30 new companies are being identified each quarter within the community which is also a positive trend.

We continue to onboard around 30 new contributors each month, but one area we are not tracking at all is people who are making translations on Transifex. It's quite tricky to find a way to recognise these individuals so if you would like to help with this please check this issue: [TCOMM-191] - Jira.


This month we also had a wonderful MautiCamp in Africa which I was delighted to be able to attend - the first ever MautiCamp event!

Photo of many attendees at MautiCamp Africa standing at the front of a classroom.


It was great to see the excitement enthusiasm and general interest in Mautic as a product and a community. Thank you for the team in Lagos for all their work in growing the community there!

We also have two new meetup groups which are launching this month coming, in Barcelona, Spain and Douala, Cameroon, and the València group is also getting off the ground again.

Meetup groups are really the beating heart of an open source project so we really want to grow them. If you would like to start a meetup group in your area why not submit a proposal here? It's a great way to meet other people who are interested in Mautic, to share and learn, and to spread the love of Mautic!

Community portal launch

The major news this month was of course the launch of the Mautic Community Portal which has been many months in the making. You can read a bit more about the portal in our blog post here. This will be our central place for teams, working groups, tiger teams and initiatives to keep the community informed with what they're working on, not to mention our central place for governance, voting and decision making.

I'm really excited to see the initial takeup after our announcement and I'm looking forward to the elections which are open currently, to form our first community elected Council. If you want to stand you will need to be a member of Mautic, and to submit a nomination before the closing date.

With the new community portal coming into action, we are going to be deprecating our expensive pro account. Over the next month we will be communicating with all of the members to encourage them to sign up for the relevant meetup group on the new portal before we formerly shut down the account there.


Over the past month, Mautic's transition from monthly to annual memberships has seen steady progress, although a shortfall of approximately $60,000 has put us behind the year-end financial target. To bridge this gap, increased community outreach and engagement with companies that use Mautic is ongoing, with a pipeline of prospective members believed to come to fruition in the new financial year.

The community has shown a positive trend of growth for some time, with nearly 30 new companies joining each quarter and a consistent intake of contributors each month. To further accelerate Mautic's growth, we continue to emphasize fostering local community meet-ups which helps both to spread the word about Mautic and also to provide an avenue for people to get local support.

The successful launch of the Mautic Community Portal is a huge milestone, set to serve as the core hub for collaboration, governance, and decision-making across teams and working groups. I'm excited to see it continue to grow and thrive!