Mautic 4.3: Beyond Contacts and Companies

The third feature-based release in the Mautic 4.x series brings about major changes in how you can manage your contacts and their many-to-many relations, beyond companies. Dynamic content filters are now available for plugins, such as the now open source plugin Custom Objects.

If you would like to check the release note, it is available here. This release of Mautic 4.3.0 includes 34 new features/enhancements, plus 29 bug fixes and two security fixes. 

We will highlight below some of these updates and features, read on to find out what are the new functionalities you can benefit from.

New features

User-facing changes

Slicker contact view

The contact view has been updated and now only shows the fields that have any data. Up to now, the view showed all available fields, even if they were not filled out. Now, if a field is empty, it will not be displayed.

A screenshot of contact page
In the new contact view, empty fields are not shown

Progressive forms and two more locations

Progressive forms are once again progressive. A new feature introduced in Mautic 4.1 introduced a regression, but now the maximum number of fields is working again.

Speaking of enhancements to forms, they now allow users to choose Curaçao and Isle of Man as their location. That means another 240,000 people can now choose the right location when they fill out Mautic forms.

Search company by ID

This search enhancement now allows users to filter by company ID, instead of just company name. All that is needed is to use


as the search parameter.


A screenshot of the company list in Mautic with a red box around the search box and an arrow pointing to the company ID.
Use company_id as the search command to filter company by ID instead of by company name

Dynamic content events

The dynamic content filters that we know and love are now available as an event. This way, plugins can also benefit from them. 

Custom Objects Support

Coming as a third-party plugin, Custom Objects allows Mautic users to create new logic for their segments and campaigns. Besides contacts and companies, with Custom Objects you now create new entities, that is, information groups, such as “Invoices” or “Subscriptions”. Those data can have their own keys and values, which relate to one another. For example an invoice or purchased product with product name, date and total. You can learn more about the plugin here.

Fallback email theme

Ever deleted an email theme only to find out that emails based on that template broke afterwards? Now, instead of breaking, the Blank theme will step up as the fallback theme.

Developer-facing changes

Segment filters optimization

On the scalability front, segment filters just got a lot faster: from 8s to ~300ms, for databases with over 100 thousand contacts. The use of EXISTS, instead of NOT IN has made this possible.

Segment decorator event

Delegated segment filters now have a new event available to be used as a decorator. This will allow plugins to filter based on objects, not just contact or company.

Import validation for required fields

Imports will now only go through if all required fields are matched. The validation will warn users that the import will fail if those fields are not informed.

Security fixes

Two security fixes have been released with 4.3.0:

XSS vulnerability in installer - note that a hotfix was released in 4.3.1 to fix a bug which was identified immediately after release.

XSS vulnerability in tracking pixel functionality