Mautic 3.2: Growing Together

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED December 01, 2020 · UPDATED December 01, 2020

Today we make available the second minor release in the 3.x series which includes features and improvements for both developers and marketers, in addition to bug fixes.

Below you will find details of the features, enhancements and bug fixes - for more detail and a full list of changes please refer to the Release Notes.

New features

End-user facing changes

Ability to send broadcast messages via the SMS channel

Thanks to Zdeno Kuzmany from Webmecanik for this great new feature, which allows you to include SMS as a channel when sending broadcast messages.

Customise the columns shown on contact lists

Another great feature from the team at Webmecanik is the much-requested ability to customise the columns that show up in the contact lists. You can now configure this, including using custom fields, to meet your needs.

Add support for relative dates in contact update campaign actions

This feature, again from Webmecanik, adds support for relative dates in the contact update campaign action. You are now able to set, for example, -5 days or +1 day on any date field to update the contact record.

Add option to transliterate page titles

A great feature from new contributors Mohammad Fayoumi and Omar Alahmed, this adds a boolean option in your setting to enable or disable the transliteration of page titles for UTF8 characters when using Cyrillic languages or emojis.

Add a public name for segments to show in the preference centre

This new feature from Patryk Gruszka allows the marketer to specify a public-facing name for segments which will be used in the Preference Centre. This means that you can use your own internal naming system for segments, while displaying a user-friendly name for your customers when they are managing their preferences.

Note: From the 3.2 release there is a small change required for the Maxmind license key, as it must now be in the format AccountID:LicenseKey. See the documentation for more information.

Developer-facing changes

Support for PHP 7.4

Mautic 3.2 now supports PHP 7.4 in hosting environments, meaning that we now support from 7.2.21 to 7.4.

A big thank you to everybody who helped to get this completed and to John Linhart and Dennis Ameling for leading the project - it was a particularly challenging one to see through!

We will shortly begin work on supporting PHP 8 - if you would like to join this project please do join us in the #t-product channel on Slack (get an invite at

Upgrade to PHPUnit 8

The version of PHPUnit we are using has been updated from 7 to 8. This may mean some updates could be required for existing pull requests with automated tests - please check the PHPUnit changelog here and get in touch with the Product Team if you require any assistance.

We will shortly begin work on supporting PHPUnit 9 - if you would like to join this project please do join us in the #t-product channel on Slack.

We would also like to thank Miroslav Fedeleš from Acquia for this PR which has dramatically improved the speed and memory consumption of our automated tests. This, in addition to moving over to Github Actions (thanks to Dennis Ameling) this has meant a reduction in test runtime by over an hour in some cases against our old Travis workflow!

Enabling company tokens in webhook campaign action

Previously there was no way to include company tokens in a webhook campaign action, but thanks to this PR from Mohammed Abu Musa, you can now use the webhook campaign action to send both contact and company data to third party systems.

Add composer files to release build

Previously we did not include the composer.json and composer.lock files in the release build, however this made it difficult to manage dependencies. Thanks to this PR from Alexander Dmitryuk they will now be included in the release packages.

Post-checkout cache clear

Sometimes a small change can make a big difference - this PR from Dennis Ameling automatically clears your cache after applying a pull request, so no more forgetting to clear it when testing pull requests!

Bug fixes

There are 15 bug fixes in this release:

Want to see more features and bug fixes?

There were many more features that we had wanted to include in this release, but unfortunately we did not have enough people helping to test them to allow us to include them in this release.

If you would like to see more features and bug fixes making their way into Mautic, now is the time to step up and help us with this ongoing task.

You don’t need to be technical (although if you are, we have plenty to keep you busy!), or even to have your own test instance. Anybody who uses Mautic can help, and even one hour of your time could mean the difference between a feature or bug fix making it into the next release or not.

Please join #mautic-3 onSlack and consider making some time to help give back to Mautic.

We now have a regular monthly Friday/Saturday sprint the weekend before we ship the Release Candidate where we work together on any remaining tasks to close the milestone - the next dates are provided below and can be found on the Mautic Community Calendar.



Sprint: 18-19 December 2020

Release Candidate: 21 December 2020

General Availability: 28 December 2020



Sprint: 15-16 January 2021

Release Candidate: 18th January 2021

General Availability: 25 January 2021



Sprint: 12-13 February 2021

Release Candidate: 15 February 2021

General Availability: 22 February 2021