Mautic 1.0.0 Release Candidate

By DB Hurley · PUBLISHED February 26, 2015 · UPDATED February 26, 2015

We're quite excited to announce the availability of the 1.0.0 Release Candidate for Mautic. This is our final release candidate before the 1.0.0 stable release. Like always we've found an insane number of things to improve! Read below to learn about them.

It never seems to fail that just when you're about to release something you find a problem that needs a solution. Of course Mautic is no different. This 1.0.0 release candidate is full of solutions. We have taken this last opportunity for massive improvements to make some incredible changes. All for the better and all tested and ready for you to use. This release candidate addresses a total of 92 improvements (we prefer to not call any of them bugs).

Notable Improvement

We have one improvement which we have deemed worthy of a notable mention. In this release we have modified the page and routing structure to better support friendly URL's and improve readability of the routing. Don't worry though, we are fully backwards compatible with the older URL's so nothing will break. Moving forward all of your "internal" or secure pages will be located behind a URL with /s/ in the URL. (e.g. Login page is now This is for a good reason. Now your landing pages and other public pages are much simpler and prettier!

All Other Improvements

You can read a full detailed list of all the other fixes and features on GitHub. Read and you'll be amazed at all that has gone into this release. It's incredible to see this many improvements in such a short time. Seriously, go read this!
Full Improvement List


A very special thank you to all of our testers for helping us make these changes with your feedback and involvement. We would not be able to find so many opportunities for improvement (bugs) without you! You've been a vital part of this release candidate.

Below are some of the standard details for getting started with this latest release.

New Beta Users

If this is your first introduction to Mautic then we welcome you! You are about to experience the very best in marketing automation. You have two ways to take advantage of Mautic. You can download directly from the Mautic website. Use this method if you want to host your own marketing automation platform (that's right, no more SaaS for you!). The second option is to register for an account on where you can be up and running in less than 3 minutes. This account is free and never expires!

Download Now Launch Hosted Account

Updating to 1.0.0 Release Candidate

This release candidate (RC) is available through Mautic itself! That's right just click the notification and update yourself! If you have any problems with the process, post your issues on the community forum or under 'Issues' on our GitHub project page and we will do our best to get them quickly resolved. Please provide as much detail as possible. Note that Mautic logs its error to apps/logs/mautic_prod.php.

Tell Your Friends

If you like what Mautic is doing, share our project with your friends and colleagues. Help us achieve global equality in access to growth through open source software!

Happy Marketing!