How to Efficiently Target and Segment Leads

By IvyNewLook · PUBLISHED July 06, 2022 · UPDATED July 06, 2022


If you plan on converting leads into customers or buyers, efficient lead targeting and segmentation must be at the core of your marketing strategy. Whatever business you're in, your target consumers will be a diverse group of people with varying wants, which will alter as they progress through the buying process and get closer to making a purchase. 

You should segment your leads at the time of capture and on an ongoing basis as their relationship with your brand changes. This will allow you to offer messaging to each of these prospects, meeting their individual needs at each stage of the sales process.

What is lead segmentation?

In order to efficiently and effectively target leads, you need to properly segment them first. In a nutshell, lead segmentation is the process of dividing your database of leads into smaller groups depending on their behaviors. This, in turn, will allow you to send more persuasive marketing communications – one of the core objectives of an efficient E-CRM.

For example, you have people that have only visited your homepage and left, but you also have people who have browsed through your website, even looked at some of the products. And, hopefully, you have the ones who have added items to the cart but abandoned the purchase, and the ones who have made it all the way to the end and made a purchase. 

Knowing this, you have the freedom and advantage to send different messages to specific groups of visitors. For those who have only visited your homepage, you might want to engage them by pointing them to product list pages. For those who have already browsed some of your products, it may be a good idea to offer them similar products or discounts.

Why is lead targeting important?

When you know your potential customer’s behavior, you can motivate and entice the cart abandonment segment with some promo code or discount – for instance, one that is time restraining in order for them to make a purchase in the next few hours or days. These specific contents and messages are much more effective than sending generalized promotional offers. 

Without lead segmentation you are not addressing specific needs, nor are you demonstrating which problems you'll solve for them, that is, providing any incentive for customers to choose you above the myriad of other companies offering a similar bundle. According to Venture Harbour CEO, Marcus Taylor, lead segmentation resulted in an 89% sales uplift and 58% increase in average order value for one of their ventures.

How to efficiently target leads

Segmenting and targeting leads using traditional marketing methods can be very time-consuming and often is not so efficiently organized, specially if you are dealing with thousands and thousands of leads. However, today, there are a number of marketing automation tools like Mautic that enable you to automate those tedious tasks and give you more time to focus on creating a successful marketing strategy or on other processes and tasks.

Mautic’s solution provides detailed contact tracking and automates the process of finding and nurturing contacts through landing pages and forms, email campaigns, text messages, web notifications, and integration with your CRM and other systems in a smooth and easy way.

Nikola Radenkovic is a Techical Specialist at Sales Snap. You can follow him on Linkedin and read more of his marketing tips on the Sales Snap blog.