Get ready to FUND OSS

By Favour Kelvin · PUBLISHED June 10, 2021 · UPDATED June 10, 2021

Open Source Collective is partnering with GitCoin to launch FundOSS, a pilot matching campaign based on a democratic funding model.

Democratic funding has already raised over $11M for over 7,000 projects!

What is Democratic Funding

There's a disconnect between those who build upon and collaborate within Open Source and those in a position to provide significant financial support. FundOSS bridges that divide through a process called Democratic Funding. Watch this video to learn more.

A contribution and a vote

Every contribution, regardless of amount, is considered as a vote for a project under Democratic Funding. At the conclusion of the campaign, funds are distributed from a huge matching pool based on the frequency of donations, using a quadratic matching approach popularized by GitCoin Grants.

10x'ing individual contributions

For many FundOSS will be the most significant impact on the open-source they can have as an individual. Sounds exciting!

The matching money is distributed mostly based on votes, rather than the value of donations. As a result, the total matched can be 10x or even 100x the amount an individual donated which is more weight is given to a project with a high frequency of contributions rather than a single, large contributor that dominates the round.

Then the matching amount when you contribute is estimated, then let you know at the end of the round what impact your contribution had made and how much of the matching fund was allocated to the projects you supported.

How to Fund OSS (Mautic)

You can donate to Mautic as we are participating in the first FundOSS round between the 10th and 24th of June at With the FundOSS' cart system, you can contribute to Mautic open source project (and other projects that you may want to support) and checkout. 

Note: At present you need to log in with Github but they are working to implement Google, Facebook and Twitter logins which we hope will be available shortly.

At the end of the round, a matching fund of $75,000 will be allocated depending on the frequency and volume of donations across the round.

The key feature of Democratic Funding is that small contributions can have a large impact.

Do help us to grow our reach by sharing the link (, contributing, and sharing your personalised carts and your previous donations with your friends, relatives and pets :)