Four new Community platforms launched

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED March 24, 2020 · UPDATED March 25, 2020

A lot of hard work going on behind the scenes has come to fruition last week, with the launch of four new community platforms.  The aim of these projects has been to establish a solid infrastructure base which will support the Mautic community in its ongoing growth and expansion.

New Drupal-based website

Firstly, a project funded by Acquia and developed by their Professional Services team, the old Wordpress-based website has been superseded by a Drupal-based site.  With the brief for this MVP project being to carry out a like-for-like migration while improving responsiveness, accessibility and performance, there may not seem to be many changes on the surface but under the hood we have a stable, supported platform on which to build.

As part of this project we have also been able to contribute back to the Drupal community a Discourse/Drupal integration, and to the Grav community an Auth0/Grav plugin.

Importantly, this lays the foundations for us to build a fully multilingual site to better serve our international communities, and implements a full editorial workflow which enables contributors to help us maintain the website going forward.  Interested in getting involved with managing the website, writing content, or helping us grow our audience? Be sure to join the Marketing Team Slack channel!

New end-user documentation portal and Community Handbook

We have transitioned over to a new documentation portal for end-users of Mautic, which is powered by Grav.  This platform enables contributors to make updates and improvements to the content both via Pull Requests on Github, and through the user interface.  The Auth0 plugin we have contributed enables Mautic community members to use their existing Mautic Community account and, once part of the Documentation Team, to edit within the user interface.

Currently available in English, we have plans to translate (and maintain) the documentation in multiple languages.  We will be forming teams of documentation translators who will work with the Education Team to ensure that the content remains up to date.  Interested in helping? Join the Education Team Slack channel!

We also launched the Community Handbook using the same platform. This will become a one-stop-shop for all things related to the Mautic community going forward.  You will find information about how to get involved with the Mautic Community, contact details for the Leadership Team, our policies and ‘ways of working’ workflows, and much more.

Launching the Community Health Dashboard

With extensive support from our friends over at the CHAOSS Project, we are excited to share our Community Health Dashboard, based on the Open Source GrimoireLab tool.

The dashboard pulls in data from Github, Slack, Discourse and Meetup with the potential to add further data sources in the future.  We have already been using the dashboard to monitor various metrics and look forward to using it more extensively in the future.

Some metrics you might be interested in as a starting point:

As this is built on Open Source tools, we can expand it to include more indexes and to capture more data.  If you have experience in developing with Python and would like to help in this area, please contact Ruth Cheesley on Slack to chat further!