Digital Marketing Channels in Mautic

By IvyNewLook · PUBLISHED June 21, 2022 · UPDATED June 23, 2022

To understand the digital marketing channels in Mautic, one must first understand the digital Marketing channels in general. So, what are the channels of Marketing? 

Marketing channels transfer the point of production of goods to the consumption of the goods. In traditional marketing, it was the people, the activities, and the organizations that made products and services available to consumers. Managing all of the stakeholders mentioned was a lot harder than automating processes. In Mautic, by automating the processes and the Marketing channels, mistakes are eliminated, while the processes are improved.

This is, however, the traditional Marketing definition. Modern marketing still lays on the fundamentals of that tradition, but channels are now digitally oriented. 

In this article, we will discuss what are the new marketing channels and how they can be better distributed through Mautic. 

Most known digital marketing channels

Email is a favorite digital marketing channel out there

In Mautic, you can send either single emails or you can create an email drip and send multiple emails, depending on your desired outcome. Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing channels and its usage keeps increasing. 

Email marketing brings the biggest revenue if managed well according to the customer journey rules. (this can link to the blog Customer journey made easy with Mautic)

SMS as the most personal marketing channel tool

Being reminded of some event or discount, or a holiday by receiving an SMS directly to your phone and having is started with your name, gives a sense of closeness. Best practices so far have shown that SMS messages shouldn`t be sent out as often, but when they are, they must have a very personal tone of voice which leads to a greater conversion rate. 

Focus Item - digital marketing channel aiming to support your clients

There are so many different ways pop-ups can be created. Pop-up or a focus item can be pre-pop-up and native pop, you can use it exit pop-up as well, depending on the type of the message and the desired action you want to undertake with this digital marketing channel.

Pre-pop-ups are very popular and we see them as a little box that appears after a few seconds on our screen, asking what type of information we look for. Once we choose the type of information, the native pop up containing the information takes us firther, while the exit pop up has the intendion of make us stay and complete some action we have already started. To understand this logic, you can read our blog Customer Journey made easy with Mautic.

Landing pages are great for creating catalogs for direct selling

In Mautic there is a Landing page option as a channel of digital marketing. Mautic offers an easy Landing Page catalog building option using the drag and drops way of catalog building For those who like to code, you can easily code your catalog for selling.

Add a value to your product using Assets 

Value-added resale, from a Marketing point of view, is some additional value that you can provide your customers in relation to a product you sell. For example, if an e-commerce business sells sunglasses, an added value could be a handbook with tips and tricks on how to take care of the different types of sunglasses.

In Mautic, using the same example, you could have these tips formatted as an ebook, and make it available as a downloadable pdf, using the Mautic option assets. Customers can fill out a form to get access to the asset – and you can use that form to gather relevant data on your leads.

Digital advertisements as a marketing channel

The same option as the option above, using videos for advertising, for example, can be a good way to use Mautic for digital channels of communication. Mautic saves the data of the number of your clients who have downloaded the video and using the other channels, such as email, focus item, SMS, etc, proper messages can be sent. 

Use digital marketing channels properly and create a campaign with all of these being involved simultaneously for better results.

This blog is written by Ivana Rosic who is a member of the Marketing team in the Mautic community and a project manager in Sales Snap. You can find more blogs of hers on the Sales Snap website.