Community Spotlight: Linh Nguyen

By jseevers · PUBLISHED February 12, 2016 · UPDATED February 12, 2016

We love finding and featuring our amazing community members who are doing amazing things for Mautic. Introducing: Linh Nguyen

What is your professional background and how did you come to learn about Mautic?

I am a Software Developer having worked with C++, Java, C# and a little bit of PHP since picking up Mautic. Over the years, I have transitioned to Development Manager role but still keeping my hands dirty coding fairly frequently. I came across Mautic by chance (thanks to Google) while doing research into Marketing Automation systems.

What is one word that describes you?


Why did you decide to become involved with Mautic and what is your favorite part about the Mautic community?

I've used an earlier version of Mautic (1.0.3) to implement a campaign for this company in the UK. I had to get really intimate with Mautic and started to see ways that the software could be improved which I would love to do.

The core contributors have done a great job creating Mautic and then releasing it as open source for others like me to use so I would like to contribute back to the community where I can. After all, this is spirit of open source communities.

There is a huge diversity with people (in the Mautic community) coming from different countries and with different backgrounds and different perspectives on things. In my experience, open source communities tends to have a heavy concentration of technical people whereas Mautic is different and fun to be in.

What is the most wonderful compliment anyone has ever given you?

Biggest compliments to me is when I deliver a piece of software that benefits somebody in the real world.

What kind of work are you doing with Mautic these days?

We have recently released a SpamAssassin Score Checker and we are having ideas on how to improve it. Beside that, I have a great interest in integrating other communication channels such as Direct Mail into Marketing Automation systems.

In my opinion, there have been a resurgence of Direct Mail in recent years when emails become harder to get pass spam filters and marketers are looking to Direct Mails to get their messages across.

What is your BAG (big, audacious goal) in life?

Get a pilot license. ?

What do you do best?

I have enjoyed running an offshore team of Software Developers based around agile principles that have efficiently delivered results to a UK business.

What is one thing that may surprise people about you?

Here in the UK, people often find it surprising that English wasn't my first language and that I've had to learn it in school from a cassette tape.

Dear Linh,

The Mautic community would like to recognize your incredible dedication and support, and offer a huge, heartfelt, thank you! You’re awesome, and we appreciate everything you do to make Mautic the same.