Community Spotlight: Favour Chibueze

Word gets around: the first time software developer and technical writer Favour Chibueze heard about Mautic was through her namesake Favour Kelvin – leader of Mautic’s Education team. Already a contributor to other non-profit organizations, Favour Chibueze decided to join the Mautic community. Flashforward a few months, and she is now to work with Mautic through Google Season of Docs 2022 (GSoD).

“In order to gain more experience and contribute as a technical writer, I needed an open-source project that I can be a part of”, says the Nigerian-based developer about her start as a Mautic contributor. Favour’s previous contributions and engagement with the Mautic community were a decisive factor in the selection process of GSoD. “My experience as a member of the community has been amazing as I've learned a lot from the team”, she rejoices.

Community and open-source

Community has always been Favour’s focus: she defines herself as “specializing in building and creating accessible user experiences”. It is no wonder she joined communities in which those goals were also at the center of attention.

At Devcareer, a non-profit organization that supports African people getting a kickstart with their tech careers, Favour contributes as community manager. “I coordinate and engage over 13,000 tech enthusiasts across Africa in the community. I organize various community events, webinars, programs, and initiatives to engage community members.”

The open-source world followed closely behind, with the technical writer joining Hacktoberfest last year. Enter Mautic. Favour’s first contributions were related to moving the end-user documentation into the new platform.

Mautic, awareness and learning

To the Nigerian technical writer, “not enough people are aware of Mautic as an open-source marketing automation solution”. And she believes that creating awareness should go hand-in-hand with end-user documentation. “It is crucial that we raise awareness of the product and give adequate documentation to those using it for the first time”, Favour sums up.

And indeed, she lives by her words, as she understands documentation as part of the user experience. “Good end-user documentation implies that you care about your users and are taking steps to make things easier for them”, wrote the software developer in her application for GSoD.

Before GSod, Favour was already working with the Education team in moving the end-user documentation into the new platform. “My favorite part about joining this community is that everyone is willing to help you solve a problem when you run into any roadblock. It has been a pleasure to work with the team these past few months”, she recalls.

Contributing, building and rejoicing

Working with amazing people is not the only benefit that Favour and other contributors get from being a part of the community. “You also get immediate feedback on your development and programming/technical writing skills which will help in your career along the way”. For her, this goes beyond an individual perk, as it advanced the industry in general.

Personally, Favour’s goal in life is “to lead a team of creative developers while working together to build an amazing product”. She also dreams of “creating more opportunities for folks to get started in tech and contribute to open source while bridging the gap for women in tech”.

“People should consider contributing to open-source because it is a great way to build your network. You get to join a welcoming community of open-source contributors like Mautic, interact with them in the open-source space, and build relationships along the way”, enumerates the Nigerian technical writer.

If you share Favour Chibueze’s dream and want to know more about the topics she’s working on, you can follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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