Call for volunteers, final version of the Community Structure released!

By Norman Pracht · PUBLISHED November 12, 2019 · UPDATED February 27, 2020

The recent event Contribution Day in Amsterdam where a part of the Mautic community members came together, was the opportunity to finish the previously started work on the Mautic Community Structure and Governance.

After several discussions between the Mautic Community Manager (Ruth), Acquia, and Mautic Community members on the forum, we now are able to deploy the new structure and make our community an even bigger success.

Time to work, we need volunteers, we need you!

Now that the way to work is clearly defined, it is time to build Teams and Working Groups (find a reminder of each of them at the end of this article). And for that, the Mautic Community needs volunteers.

As I mentioned some time ago in a blog post, this is an excellent way for you to give back to the community, what the Open Source community brought to you!

Ways to contribute

If you are not already involved in Open Source communities, you might not be aware that there are many ways to help and support the community, depending on your skills and experience.

In fact, the community has different missions to achieve and we have many opportunities for a diverse range of people to be involved in helping us meet our objectives and grow the project.

Encourage people to join the community and facilitate contributing to Mautic

This is the first mission of the community, to keep it growing and involving more and more people. That mission refers to the Community Team.

If you are enthusiastic about Mautic (that’s probably the most important skill here), you could help improving global community infrastructure, optimizing the forums, etc. by understanding community personas. You could also help to organize global and local events.

Promote Mautic, developing awareness and growing the audience of the Open Source project

If you are a Digital Marketing Strategist, a Designer, a Copywriter, an SEO specialist or Social Media Manager, then the Marketing Team is the right place for you!

You could be helping by joining the following working groups: Website, Social Media Management or Newsletter.

Improve the resources available for people to learn how to use Mautic

If you like to transmit your knowledge, if you’re renowned for being a trainer, then the Education Team is waiting for you!

You can help on various tasks around the Forum, taking care of the quality of contributions, adding documentation, moderating, giving support to Mautic users or keeping all the documentation and application languages up to date!

Manage the product release cycle and roadmap

Probably the most obvious mission, making sure that the product is evolving in the right direction and following the expectations of our users and market trends. This is handled by the Product Team.

Here we are mainly looking for Project Managers, Product Managers, Marketeers and DEVELOPERS! You will find in this team a lot of work about security, releases management, coding (of course) and roadmap design which includes feature definition, benchmarking, etc.

Manage the legal and financial aspects of the Mautic community

Perhaps the least popular (but still very important!) option, this team will be tasked with managing the legal and financial aspects of the Mautic community and project.

How to join the teams

The first step is to go to the forums and find the thread for the team you are interested in joining. Add your comment on the thread, and give your availability for the first meeting which will be in the next few weeks.

Once the team has met, we are going to appoint for each team, a Team Leader and an Assistant Team Lead.

Reminder of what has been decided

How will all those Teams and Working Groups function? As a first step in this new organisation, we will set up team leaders by appointment rather than election. But don’t be afraid, this is the first step.

We defined different statuses - active members are defined by having attended or participated in at least one of the previous three meetings (some might meet fortnightly, others monthly, depending on need) which would enable them to have a vote in the context of that team or working group.

Working Groups will set their own cadence for meetings, but teams will meet a minimum of monthly, and the leaders and assistant team leaders of teams will also have a meeting at least monthly.

Elections will be held after an initial term of six months, with each team being staggered by two months. So, as an example, the first team will have elections at 6 months, the next at 8 months, and so forth. Note that a leader may put themselves forward for re-election if they like.

What are you waiting for?

The Mautic Community needs your skills right now!  Head over to the forums and let us know which team you would like to be involved with, and help us build a strong and vibrant community!