Announcing Mautic Conference Europe - Nov 8, 2021 in Hasselt, Belgium

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED September 27, 2021 · UPDATED September 27, 2021

Inspiration - Education - Networking - For Mautic Users

The Mautic community aims to hold its Mautic Conference Europe 2021 as an in-person event. Doors will open on Monday, 8th November 2021 in Hasselt, Belgium to welcome 50 attendees plus team and speakers for inspiration, education and networking around the leading Open Source Marketing Automation software.

All talks will focus on deep and practical insights on successfully using Mautic in Inbound Marketing - thus this conference is primarily for existing and future Mautic users, as well as Mautic agencies, primarily from Europe (although we welcome visitors from further afield as well).

After the tremendously successful Mautic Conference Global online events held over the last 12 months, it has been decided that this format will now be complemented by one per-continent Mautic Conference per year, where people can meet in person once again. These per-continent events will typically be around November (while Mautic Conference Global is planned to remain around May/June), and are expected to move to a different continent every year.

Important Dates for Mautic Conference Europe 2021

  • Call for Speakers - closes Oct 10th
  • Ticket Sales - opens Oct 1st
  • Sponsorship Options - opens Oct 1st
  • Main Event - Monday, Nov 8th
  • Team Sprints - Tuesday, Nov 9th

As there will be a very small number of sessions during the event, we strongly encourage potential speakers to take the time to carefully prepare their submission and provide all the information requested on the call for speakers.

Inclusivity and Diversity

Striving for inclusivity and diversity is among the core values of the Mautic community. We will be covering the travel and accommodation costs in full for speakers who are selected for the event. Ticket purchasers will also be able to contribute toward scholarships by paying over the minimum ticket cost on a ‘give what you can’ basis or by directly donating to the scholarship project. This will enable Mautic users and contributors who would like to attend the event but for whatever reason would struggle to do so without financial support, to join us in Belgium. Watch out for the link to the application form

Community Contribution Day on Nov 9th

Mautic Conference Europe 2021 will be followed by a collaboration day organised by the various Mautic teams (Community, Education, Product and Marketing) on Tuesday, 9th November. These Community Sprints will be hybrid, i.e. open for all contributors from Mautic’s global community who cannot attend in person. Also, all conference attendees are invited to stay for the second day and get in touch with the community and the project even more deeply.

Covid Implications

The event organizers are committed to host the event in a most responsible way.

A maximum of 50 tickets will be available, and the event will consist of a single track of presentations. If the social distancing regulations still apply in November as they do now, it may be necessary to reduce this number due to the capacity of the available room. We therefore recommend that if you wish to attend the event, you secure your place sooner rather than later.

Preliminary rules on safety and vaccination will be published when ticket sales opens. Nonetheless, all planning obviously still carries some amount of uncertainty, so a possible cancellation of the event has to be anticipated.

Tickets will be 100% refunded should event have to be cancelled, and we suggest that you ensure any travel and accommodation bookings have full cancellation and/or rearrangement cover.