Announcing Mautic 2.16.1 beta

By Ruth Cheesley · PUBLISHED March 20, 2020 · UPDATED March 20, 2020

Today we have released 2.16.1 beta which includes 49 bug-fixes.

As always, we recommend that you install this update in a development environment and test thoroughly. We also recommend that you perform this update using the command line where possible, especially on shared hosting or where there are a lot of leads to process, which can result in a timeout with the browser update.

NOTE: the regions of Oman have been updated (#7520). If you had contacts that were set to one of the following regions: Al Batinah, Al Janblyah, Ash Sharqlyah, Az Zahirah, Masqat, they'll lose their regions. Due to the nature of this change, we couldn't provide an automated migration script.

Bugs fixed

This release contains multiple bug fixes which are listed below:

  • #8583 Add patch for UnitOfWork warnings on PHP 7.3 (@dennisameling)
  • #8579 Revert "Speed up leads custom fields" (@dennisameling)
  • #8577 Revert "Exclude upgrade.php from build process" (@dennisameling)
  • #8455 Fix inability to view contacts in mysql 8 (@anton-vlasenko)
  • #8454 Bump oneup/uploader-bundle from 1.9.2 to 1.9.3 (@dependabot[bot])
  • #8453 Create - Make security contact more prominent (@Gregy)
  • #8393 Not persist while import adding DNC flag (@kuzmany)
  • #8339 Fix dynamic content for owner field (@kuzmany)
  • #7980 Fix use groupByFormula while build select columns in report (@kuzmany)
  • #7978 Fix preferences center segments ordering (@kuzmany)
  • #7934 Fix clone campaign with segment/form sources (@kuzmany)
  • #7919 All columns for aggregators in Reports (@kuzmany)
  • #7901 Avoid using the incorrect index with heavy scheduled event count (@heathdutton)
  • #7898 SugarCRM Fix owner update (@kuzmany)
  • #7893 Add SES/SNS bounces to email graph (@nikolanedic)
  • #7877 bugfix: Handle SES bounces without a DSN (@nextgens)
  • #7872 Several fixes to export reports (@kuzmany)
  • #7865 fix deleteCookie expire parameter (@pety-dc)
  • #7853 Fix relative date support to anniversary (@Enc3phale)
  • #7834 Report not showing properly clicks for multiple emails (@ondrejsibl)
  • #7824 Fix campaign update form field values (@patrykgruszka)
  • #7813 Use Github directly for installing language packages (@alanhartless)
  • #7806 Duplicate internal IPs from campaignleadevent_log with master/slave connections. (@heathdutton)
  • #7757 Exclude upgrade.php from build process (@kuzmany)
  • #7741 Fix tags HTML-escaping (@kuzmany)
  • #7717 Default value overwrites on contact merge fix (@escopecz)
  • #7693 Fix #7692 - typo in date format (@tsummerer)
  • #7641 Fix contact's token zero value (@kuzmany)
  • #7617 Fix default console timezone (@Enc3phale)
  • #7616 Fix for [Send a webhook] when customer fields have plus (+) character and it's not properly encoded (@kfrankie)
  • #7596 Store multiselect values as text with maximum length of 65535 (@pety-dc)
  • #7595 Fix overwrite custom field value with default value during redirection (@kuzmany)
  • #7569 Altered froala image plugin to allow imageOutputSize to function on i… (@robopossum)
  • #7540 Ensure that the "Lead Channels" label won't show up (@escopecz)
  • #7534 Fixed modal window responsiveness (@karser)
  • #7520 Oman gouvernorate classification (@cpot)
  • #7515 Redirect parent if the form is in an iframe (@alanhartless)
  • #7510 Allow using classes in {mauticform element=button-selector} (@karser)
  • #7494 Speed up leads custom fields (@inkas)
  • #7425 Some admin menu items are visible for user with not permissions (@informatico-madrid)
  • #7424 Support for sub queries in segment filters (@kuzmany)
  • #7313 Ampersand in dwc unit-tested (@escopecz)
  • #7305 Possible fix for #7294 (@TonyBogdanov)
  • #7287 Fix issue with broken two column layout in outlook (@danielcherrington)
  • #7210 Remove object filtering within alias generator (@Enc3phale)
  • #6782 Prevent call page view event with mt() (@kuzmany)
  • #6148 Prevent stripping of Script and Style Tags in Froala (@inkovic)

A big thank you to everybody who has contributed to this release, and to Mautician Dennis Ameling for stepping up again as Release Leader.

How you can help

As with any beta release, we need your help to test the new release - in a development area and not with your live instance - to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

If you come across any problems when you are testing which you believe to be a bug, please search to see if it is already reported, and if not, report it on Github.

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