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Call For Mautic Working Group Team Leader Nominations

There comes a time in every community when the growth of a community exceeds the organization structure that currently exists. This is both a painful and exciting time for any community because of all...

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Identifying Your Target Market

Quick, answer this question: Are you thirsty right now? If you answered yes, then there’s a company that’s interested in helping you. They focus on delivering a multitude of beverage choices to quench your...

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Email Open Tracking & How It Works

This quick post is the beginning of a short series entitled Marketing Basics. This new series will share some basic marketing automation 101 information. In this short post we’ll explore the concept of read-receipts as they were historically defined and then the more modern email-tracking as done by Mautic and other marketing automation software. Throughout this series we’ll cover a variety of topics as it relates to marketing and marketing automation from a beginner’s standpoint. 

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Mautic Needs Your Help

This week we’ve seen a lot of big news. First, a leak over the weekend shared the unexpected news that Microsoft was looking at potentially acquiring GitHub (and then subsequently announced yesterday morning the...

Mautic 3 Future of MarTech 1

The Future of MarTech

Originally published on Yesterday I released a blog post entitled Looking Ahead at Mautic 3. This blog went into great detail on why I believed a Mautic 3 should be considered next on our...

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Mautic and GDPR

Originally published: One of the hottest topics circulating the internet these days is the upcoming legislation surrounding GDPR being put into effect on May 25, 2018. Companies of all sizes are closely watching...

Moving Marketing Automation Feature Requests Mautic 1

Moving Feature Requests

Every project is different. As a result every project has different methods and processes for how things are handled. In the case of software projects using GitHub (as Mautic does) for code and issue...


Community Team Changes

Everyone gets excited when a new version of Mautic is released. We all rush to the website to see what all has been added or fixed. In a way it’s a bit like Christmas...

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Announcing 2.0

Beginning a New Chapter for Our Community As we reach the end of 2017 people everywhere will begin looking back on the previous year and their accomplishments. The highs and the lows will be...