Mautic RoadMap

As an open source community, we rely on the involvement of members around the globe to participate and bring value for the greater good. But those contributions, without clear focus and direction, can often feel misguided. To assist in providing greater clarity for Mautic’s development, we have created a RoadMap that we trust will guide the efforts of our community in making Mautic even more powerful than it is today. These future releases not only reflect our goals, but are designed to respond to the needs of the market.

As we continue growing Mautic, it is vital that everyone play an active role in the community. We encourage everyone, regardless of their skill level, to participate by assisting the community in reaching these milestones.

Please follow the RoadMap for future release updates and follow the issues in Github for code discussion. Looking for other ways you can contribute?

  • Found a bug? Search the current list of issues and add feedback, or if it’s not listed, report it.
  • How to contribute? There are a variety of ways, be sure to check out our Get Involved page.
  • Other questions? For additional ways to add value to the community, feel free to visit our Slack channels and join the conversation!

Release 2.11.0: Campaign Management

With every action, your audience is providing you with valuable information. Moving your audience to the next step in their journey requires a keen awareness of your customer, the journey and the value they are seeking. Aligning each of these means relevancy, engagement and conversion.

Issue Link Description
Issue #4855 Track in Mautic records that are deleted from CRM system (Salesforce)
Issue #4854 Filter activities to write to custom Salesforce timeline object
Issue #4853 Enhance Company sycn for Salesforce integration
Issue #4851 Enhancements to integration with ConnectWise
Issue #4788 Distance based segmentation of contacts
Issue #4787 Broadcast messages on Twitter
Issue #4786 Messaging on Facebook
Issue #4785 Messaging on LinkedIn
Issue #4784 Location based messaging
Issue #4783 Dynamic content for unknown visitors
Issue #4782 Preview emails across browsers, devices and OS
Issue #4781 Recurring campaigns
Issue #4780 Show unsubscribes in a segment
Issue #4777 Ability to send internal notifications as part of a form action
Issue #4776 Enable customizing the design for the preference center page
Issue #4775 Enable passing cookie value to Mautic when using a non Mautic form
Issue #4774 Update Contact Owner as part of campaign action
Issue #4773 Track replies to emails sent from Mautic

Release 2.12.0: Reporting & Filters

From the moment you had your very first customer, connecting with them has been job one. Learning more about their habits, likes, dislikes becomes more challenging. With better data, comes better understanding. And with better understanding comes better relevance.

Issue Link Description
Issue #4795 Summary report for key metrics
Issue #4794 Schedule and send reports
Issue #4793 Multi level and/or filters
Issue #4792 Click through to details on reports
Issue #4791 Track source for contacts
Issue #4790 Click through on stat labels
Issue #4789 Report on segment membership

Release 2.13.0: Usability

Marketing is a balance of creativity and efficiency. Technology has afforded us the ability to to be both in the way we connect with audiences. With every improvement and feature we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce time and improve functionality.

Issue Link Description
Issue #4843 Bulk update contact;s preferences from contact view
Issue #4842 Filter metrics that show up on a chart
Issue #4841 Back button on contact detail page
Issue #4840 Simplify how to get to action button for contacts
Issue #4839 Segment detail page
Issue #4838 List of contacts that have been sent SMS
Issue #4837 List of contacts associated with social
Issue #4836 List of contact for web notifications
Issue #4835 List of contacts who have downloaded asset
Issue #4834 List of contacts who have submitted form
Issue #4833 List of contacts who have engaged with dynamic content
Issue #4832 Show list of contacts who have engaged with the landing page
Issue #4831 Dynamic Content Details Page
Issue #4830 Company layout improvements
Issue #4829 Company Detail Page
Issue #4828 Segment Detail Page
Issue #4827 Detail page for stages
Issue #4826 Detail page for points
Issue #4825 Change picture associated with user
Issue #4824 Alphabetize settings menu
Issue #4823 Change private/public segment to toggle
Issue #4822 Clean up standard country list
Issue #4821 Update templates without losing content
Issue #4820 Clearly explain different date fields
Issue #4819 Show inserted form on landing page builder
Issue #4818 Center campaign elements in builder
Issue #4817 Center align published tags on detail pages
Issue #4816 Replace select button on template preview with builder button
Issue #4815 Max Height for template header
Issue #4814 Standard UI experience
Issue #4813 Category Permissions
Issue #4812 Custom/Advanced filter variables for contact list view
Issue #4811 Remember sort preferences in Mautic
Issue #4810 Easier way to find and map fields for CRM plugins
Issue #4809 Search Improvements
Issue #4808 Dependent picklist field types for form fields
Issue #4807 Undo/redo button on builder
Issue #4806 Preview campaigns without opening builder
Issue #4804 Direct to last page when auto logged out
Issue #4803 Clickable select on template preview for landing page
Issue #4802 More visual info on channels and components used in a campaign
Issue #4801 Landscape view for landing page builder

Release 2.14.0: Integrations

The interoperability of systems in your business is vital to the customer experience. That means that each integration and plugin that is developed, opens more doors for organizations who desire to create more relevance and engagement with their audience.

Issue Link Description
Issue #4866 Integration with Snapchat
Issue #4865 Integration with Slack
Issue #4864 Integration with Survey tool
Issue #4863 Integration with Direct Mail
Issue #4862 Integration to Stripe
Issue #4861 Integration to Magento for eCommerce
Issue #4860 Bring in data from LinkedIn to enhance contact info
Issue #4859 Enhance Salesforce Integration to enable building a segment based on member status
Issue #4858 Enhance Salesforce Integration to include Opportunities
Issue #4857 Custom objects in Mautic
Issue #4856 Align picklist values between Salesforce and Mautic for mapped fields
Issue #4849 Integration with RingLead
Issue #4848 Integration with Segment.IO
Issue #4847 Integration with Bynder
Issue #4846 Integration with WebDam
Issue #4845 Track emails sent from Salesforce
Issue #4844 Webex Integration

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